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Vetreans Day Parade Needs Our Help

I was asked to post this request

The Veterans Day Parade and Wisconsin We Care have always been grass roots organizations. 
This year we merged into one organization, Honor Our Military, Inc.
We decided we needed some professional help to keep our programs going - care packages to our troops, the Veterans Day Parade and Day of Honor, and the Veterans Day program at the VA.
We contacted one of the leading sponsorship companies in Wisconsin to help us get sponsors/dollars for our programs.  This company procures sponsors for many of the major events in the Milwaukee area.
When I spoke with the  company on the phone to set up an appointment,  the woman had decided she was not going to work with us before we could even meet. Their excuse - they were too busy, their calendar was full.
I asked her about next year, she said she would possibly consider it " if you even have a parade this year".
She obviously doesn't know any veterans!
Well guess what - this is our 10th year and we will have a parade and we will show this woman in a very big way what our veterans and military are made of.
So we are going back to our roots and asking you for help.
They say there is power in the internet and social networking - and that is exactly what we need you to do.
We need you to circulate this e-mail to everyone you know and even those you don't.
All we are asking is that everyone who receives this e-mail put one dollar bill in an envelope and mail it to Honor Our Military.
We are in need of raising $30,000.00 dollars to keep our troops and veterans programs going.
Can we reach 30,000 people using the internet? Can we raise the money without a "professional" company, to show our veterans and military how much we appreciate their service and sacrifice to this country?
Is your freedom worth $1.00?
This is definitely a better value than any fast food dollar menu or dollar store you can find!
If you value your freedom and the sacrifices our veterans and military have made for it, please send just $1.00 and pass this along to as many people as you can.
You can mail your dollar to:
Honor Our Military
P.O. Box 684
Milwaukee, WI  53201-0684
Our new website will be up and running in September where you can follow the progress of this grass roots campaign: www.honorourmilitary.us.
Feel free to include a message for our veterans and military with your dollar - all messages will be posted on our website.
Thank you in advance for reading this, for sending us a dollar, and for supporting our veterans and military.
Mary Ann D'Acquisto and Jeff Bukowski
President - Veterans Division President - Troops Division
Honor Our Military, Inc.
Supporting Our Troops and Honoring Our Veterans ©
Mark your calendar for the 47th Annual Veterans Day Parade and Day of Honor - Saturday, November 6, 2010 - 1100 - Downtown Milwaukee

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