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Is there still something called Customer Service?

I don't know about you, but I am wondering more and more each day if companies take the Customer Service responsability seriously.

I have been having TV and internet issues that I have asked my provider to correct.  The same problem has been going on for 3 weeks now.  I have had about 7 technicians to the house to try and fix the problem.  Each time I was told that they think the issue is corrected.  Each time the issue returns, I call and almost have to start over when explaining the problem.  These was even one instance where the assigned technician did not show.  After having the issue so many times, I would think that I would move up the priority chain.

Wouldn't you know it, with the last and hopefully final fix, my land line is now not working.  I actually had one customer service rep tell me that the problems were not related.  Even after I went through everything that webt on with the TV and internet, the rep did not tink that the 2 issues were related.  After much back and forth, I said fine just get me someone out here immediately. 

The first technician arrived while I was at Church on Sunday and said that the problem was inside the house.  I rescheduled a tech for Monday between 8 and 8, wouldn't you know it, the tech was a no show and to make matters worse I received no call.

Well, wouldn't you know it, the problem with the TV came back on Monday night.  I called the customer service line. In talking with the rep, he was trying to get ahold of a superviser.  After being on the phone for about an hour, the rep suggested that he call me back after he speaks to somebody.  You guessed it, no call back.

When I called the land line carrier to find out what happened, I was again on hold before a rep picked up of about 35 minutes.  When the rep did pick up, he checked and it is noted in the computer that they missed the scheduled appointment and just automatically rescheduled me for the next day between 8-12.  When asked why I did not receive a call to let me know, I was told that an automated call should have done that.  An automated call for missing an appointment, I guess people don't like getting yelled at when they miss the appointment.  I am sure that if I missed my appointment time, I would have been moved to the back of the line.

Spending 25 years in the transportation industry, we really only had 1 thing to sell and that was customer service.  All of our competitors were selling the same thing.  But it was the customer service, the relationship that was built by talking with our customer, that kept them coming back. 

Sure, there were times when making a call to that customer was difficult.  It is never easy to tell somebody that their package was going to be late. But I would much rather have my customer hear from me then from their customer.

It just seems that the bigger the company, the smaller the customer service. In these economic times, one would think that there needs to be a return to real customer service.

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