24 Number Two Pencils, Two Boxes of Crayons, 12 Glue Sticks, . . .

24 number two pencils.  Two boxes of crayons.  12 glue sticks.  A thesaurus.  a large pink eraser ... and a lot of signed forms.

Yes, my kids started school two weeks ago.

And it took me the full two weeks to come to terms with this.  Summer is over.  School is here.  Fall is coming.  Despite all attempts to stop time, to keep summer around a little longer, and to keep my kids with me a little longer, I can't.   For some crazy reason, summer always ends, and my kids  -  whether they admit it or not - can't wait for the first bell of the school year to ring. 

Where is that remote control that pauses time? 

So here I am again - on a September morning - watching my kids - and myself - reach more milestones.

  • My six year old walks into 1st grade. 
    Wasn't it yesterday when he walked (or to be specific - ran) into his Lincoln school 4K class?  
  • My nine year old enters 4th grade. 
    For the first time - he makes me say goodbye to him from a distance.   For the first time, he runs without hesitation to his friends.  For the first time, he doesn't look back.
  • My six year smiles at his teacher with two missing top teeth. 
    Before summer, he told me that he can't truly be called a "big kid" unless he loses at least one of his top teeth.  I guess my big kid met his goal.
  • My nine year old greets his teacher, looking like a real 4th grader. 
    He's almost as tall as I am and to my astonishment (and complete delight), we wear the same size shoes!
  • As for me, I am experiencing my last year as a mom in my 30s!  Next year, I will be 40. 
    According to my kids, it's all downhill after that.  Next year, I'm officially old.  
    My 9 year old regularly tells me that 30s is still young.  40s is old.   And well - duh mom - 50s is elderly.   So I better live this year to the fullest, because next year - my kids are going to make me trade my iPhone and roller blades in for an AARP card.

Here's to a great school year - and again, where is that darn remote control that pauses time?

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