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Laser Canons


Naval laser test blasts drones from the sky


Well, we're not quite there yet, but death rays are making some interesting strides.  In a series of tests in the last week of May, for example, lasers took on unmanned aircraft in a test off San Nicolas Island, the naval weapons proving ground off the coast of California.


"The targets came in over the ocean, and it was a good day for lasers, bad day for drones," says Mike Booen of Raytheon in Tucson.  Lasers: 4, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's): 0, was the score, and in pretty dramatic fashion too, if you see the video provided by the defense giant.


In a few seconds, six fiber-optic lasers with a combined 32 kilowatts of power fried up the drones in the tests.  (A coffee-maker is about a one kilowatt appliance for comparison purposes, according to the Energy Department.)  The range distance of the tests lasers is a Navy secret, but Defense Industry Daily in 2007 reported their reach would be three times farther than the 20-millimeter "Gatling" guns now mounted on Navy ships to defend against airborne threats.


"One of the Navy's problems is that the bad guys have UAV's now, they can give away ship's positions," Booen says.  "So we wanted to do a more real-world test of the laser over water."


Source: USA Today



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