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Cudahy, Email

Edit – I didn’t receive the email from Lara Fritts myself as she knows I think the change is needed and her need for interns is not warranted and I think she is too highly paid!


For a total package of $120,000 ($80,000 in base salary plus health care, pension and other things) has Cudahy received $120,000 worth of her time and effort or has her stop in Cudahy been a resume building stint?


Also, as Scott Walker said, “It is time to put up or shut up” and Mrs. Fritts doesn’t have any results to show for.  Even by her standards of switching the homeowner to business tax rate, she has failed.  I have shown development is happening even in this tough economic times, it’s just not in Cudahy and NOT under Lara Fritts’ watch!!!!!!




I am very sorry I haven’t been blogging that much lately, but I have been working many hours at my job and have family health (parents) issues.


Here are some things that someone with time might want to look into and some info you just might want to know!


This info comes from readers just like you!




From: Lara Fritts <frittsl@CI.CUDAHY.WI.US>

Sent: Thu, November 4, 2010 10:12:58 AM

Subject: Please Help!



Hello Friends,


Last week, the Finance Committee (a committee of the whole) approved the Department of Economic Development Budget with a full-time ED Director and eliminating the two intern positions currently staffed by Rachel Mosey and Matt Jones .  Last night, while I was unable to attend the meeting as I teach at UWM on Wednesday nights - that motion to approve the ED Budget was reopened/rescinded.  The Finance Committee then approved an ED Budget that reduced the ED Director position to part-time, reduced the salary to $40,000, and eliminated all interns.  The rationale provided was there was more development that occurred with the previous part-time position. 


The reduction to part-time position and salary issues now have to go before the Personnel Committee (date unknown).  The entire City budget (including the ED Budget) will be heard at a Public Hearing in early December. 


If you appreciate the work that has been completed by the current Department of Economic Development for the City of Cudahy, I would encourage you to draft an email to the Chair of the Finance Committee, Mark Otto .  You can contact him at or you can mail him at 5050 S. Lake Drive , Cudahy , WI 53110 his phone is 414.769.6626 – I would ask that you copy me and the CDA Chair, Sara Eberhardy on any correspondence. 


Please contact me with any questions.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.  I appreciate your support. 




Lara L. Fritts

Director of Economic Development

City of Cudahy

5050 South Lake Drive

Cudahy, WI 53110


414.651.2028 (mobile)





Dear Randy,


I met a mom at the dog park who told me her daughter took classes at Marquette U as a senior at Oak Creek High and the school district paid for the tuition.  Could this be happening in Cudahy?


I do not have children.  I know nothing about this.  Is this a federal mandated program that the school districts must pay tuition for National Honor Society Student to attend college while they are in high school?


I plan to attend the Gwen debate at the Senior Center tomorrow and I wonder if I should be asking this question of her?


What are your thoughts?




Dear Randy:


Long time, nothing major in the blog about Cudahy.  I have one you may want to check out.


My sources tell me that the first budget hearing of the finance committee here in October was rather run.  Apparently, the trick budget work and inflated revenues (which did not happen) have caught up to the city.  Apparently, the last 3 budget under McCue had a lot of smoke and mirrors, and deficits. 


You may want to follow up on this, while I hear it wasn't confrontational, it was not pretty!




I've read your blog for some time.  I've mostly disagreed with a number of opinions, but I'm a firm believer in checks and balances.


I also have first hand knowledge of droves of money going out of the doors in the Cudahy schools for poor technology.  Someone needs to look into this.


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