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Remove the Medicaid Provisions from the Budget Repair Bill

Maybe the Medicaid aspect of the Budget Repair Bill should be removed completely.  Not only will this affect people in the disability community, but it will also affect anybody currently receving Medicaid benefits. 

Again, I ask, why no public input?

The State Senate and State Assembly will vote on a bill to fix the
budget deficit in the current fiscal year this week. The bill contains an
important change that will impact Medicaid.

The bill as amended will allow the Governor and Joint Finance Committee
to make changes to the Medicaid program without public input. The changes
could be to eligibility, services provided, people served, and others.
For example, the Governor and Joint Finance Committee could decide to
increase cost sharing by program participants and allow providers to deny
services to people who couldn’t pay the cost share. These changes would
have an enormous impact on adults and children with disabilities and
others who depend on these services every day.

Disability advocates believe that any changes to the Medicaid program
must be made with public input and the involvement of the entire
legislature. They believe that the Medicaid provisions should be taken
out of the budget repair bill.

If you also have concerns about the Medicaid program, contact your state
representative and state senator as soon as possible. They will be voting
on the budget repair bill this week.

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