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Guest Blog by Cudahy1st - We are BROKE!!!

Guest Blog, Scott Walker, Wisconsin, Jim Doyle

Governor Scott Walker said.  "We are broke in this state.  We have been broke for years.  People have ignored that for years, and it's about time somebody stood up and told the truth.  The truth is: We don't have money to offer.  We don't have finances to offer.  This is what we have to offer.” 


He is not the one that drove us head on into this mess!  Diamond Jim's solution to the problem was to rob money from the transportation fund or the malpractice fund to overcome a budget shortfall.  Walker has identified the real problem and is trying to fix it.  The net impact will still be a far better deal than most employers provide.  State workers should be thankful they have a job.  If they don't like the change look for work elsewhere.


Under Walkers plan, the state workers still have a better deal then us in the private sector

What are you complaining about?  If you don’t like it QUIT


Help wanted: State, county and city workers.  Competitive pay, benefits, and retirement when compared to public sector jobs.  $25k to $ 160K.


I grew tired of waiting for Randy’s friend to comment or even to read his blog post.  Maybe he is in Madison protesting for his union government job or he just doesn’t have anything to say now. 


Can the unions and liberals ever actually defend their side of the coin?  No, all they can do is ripping Walker because he's taking away their candy.


C'mon union workers -- DEFEND your benefits and pensions!


You don't because you can't. Reality is a bummer isn't it?


You have to wade through the lies that union leaders are spreading.


Also what tanks did he call out?


Remember how Reagan endeared himself to America?  He fired the air traffic controllers (PATCO) after they called his bluff and went on strike.


First, tell me when the unions talked to Walker and negotiated a pay decrease and benefits hacked?


Secondly show me the law he broke to do so?  If this was bad for him to do, why was it allowed when the o did it to the CEO?


I am still waiting for the government union workers to give a fix to the budget besides this.  Does that sound like something we have heard before?  I think Randy has talked about elitest people saying that very same thing.


Maybe all of the state workers should have proposed cutting Badger Care, food stamps and the free cell phone program instead.


I want to start with the money part first.


These union workers DO NOT pay anything toward their OWN pension.  Employees participating in the Wisconsin Retirement System are being asked to pay 50% of the cost of their pension plan which comes to 5.8% of their pay.  Remember this is going toward their own pension.  Money they will get back when they retire.  Think how nice it would be to have all of your 401K money paid by the company!


Unspoken is this:  they would continue to have a defined benefit pension benefit instead of having been forced into the standard 401-K defined contribution plans found in the private sector.  That means they will get a defined monthly benefit upon retirement.  In defined contribution plans, the benefit at retirement is whatever can be purchased with the money accumulated in the employee’s account.  There can be, and usually is, a big difference in the two programs so far as benefits paid out.


Now they are being asked to pay 12.6% of their own Cadillac health-care premiums.  Right Now they pay either nothing or up to 6%.  Maybe once they start paying for their part of the cost they will not want such a health care package.  Also remember it is exempt from the Obamacare.


Government workers come down from the Doyle high to reality -- look around you at the rest of the country and realize how spoiled you have it.  Nobody has the pension and benefits you have, nobody.


Walker wants government employees to be treated like any other average Joe out there.  If government employees don't have 100% medical then maybe they won't go in for every sniffle.  The tax money should go toward other things instead of pampering government workers. Your children will thank you on this.


So for those who oppose the state worker benefit contributions (compensation cuts), what should Gov. Walker do to balance the budget, then? 


These unions were in no way willing to consider employee contributions before, but now that they have to cry 'Uncle!


I don't think the increased contributions is the source of the uproar.  More of an issue of curtailing collective bargaining rights overall.


Bargaining "rights" are a joke as it is for public employee union.  They were not given a right, it is a privilege and people just don’t understand that.  NOT a right!!. Are these the same Rights that make me buy auto and health insurance??


But the bargaining rights are unethical, and a conflict of interest anyway.


Does it make ...sense to have the power to force people to pay you dues so you can support the cause of electing people that can give you the best terms in a negotiation for wages and benefits?"


The problem with government unions is, there is no one on the other side of the negotiations that has any stake in the game.  They negotiate against a perceived endless money tree.  In a company, there is a guy that knows how much he can spend or go under.  No such person in government unless a fiscally responsible politician comes in and makes tough choices.  In the past politicians have caved to the union's demands in exchange for campaign contributions and a safe voting bloc from their membership.  Taxpayers have not had anyone at the table representing their interests until now. 


If McCain Feingold went further, ...unions AND corporations would have been restrained from the excessive donations we've seen.  Don't get me started on corporate personhood. If it would stop those "issues ads" protecting various industries, yes, I do believe a lot more people would support stopping union political donations. And when those donations go down, I can't help fantasizing that the fees would magically decrease as well.


Their is no silver platter anymore people!!  Welcome to the real world.


The union leaders complain that raises are tied to the COL cost of living.  They would be upset if we tied it to the CPI index.


The government union members are not make nothing.


“My pay is 150 percent of what the non-union hospital pays”


How did we get here?  Doyle messed up the budget that Walker is fixing.


I didn't hear a single Federal Employee whining, gripping with the Military budget got slashed 40% and Troops had to start paying for the family health care, were being kicked out of the Service for trivial things and there wasn't enough training supplies to maintain the standard.  NOPE we sucked it up, adjusted and moved on.


THIS is now what the union leaders are most mad about - He also made it possible for state employees required to be in unions today to quit paying union dues if they chose.  Clearing the way to get out or not have to belong to the union.  State employee unions would be required to hold union elections annually in order to continue to exist.


Which means less money going to dems.  This state will turn from a completely purple state to a red state.


State Government union workers Scott Walker is your boss now and he is offering you a new compensation package.  If you don’t like it quit!




The bill


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