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Fake Doctor Notes and Other Protest Nonsense

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The Doctor’s Note from the Protest.


Here is a copy of the fake sick notes being passed out committing fraud.

Some pictures:




Wis Doctors Hand Out Fake Excuses to Protesters

Here is the video


From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Doctors who handed out excuse notes surprised by response


Doctors who wrote medical notes over the weekend excusing protesters at the Wisconsin Capitol from work are getting slammed with angry phone calls and profane e-mails from people telling them they deserve to be thrown in jail, one doctor said Sunday.


The physicians wore lab coats Saturday as they stood on a street corner and offered medical notes to the tens of thousands of protesters who paraded past them.  The protesters were rallying against a Republican-backed state bill that would eliminate collective bargaining rights for most state workers.


One of the doctors was Lou Sanner, 59, who practices family medicine at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.  Sanner said he gave out hundreds of notes and that many protesters with whom he spoke seemed to be suffering from stress.


Sanner said his intent in signing notes was to perform a public service.  He said that's why he and his colleagues were stunned when they returned home Saturday night to find their e-mail inboxes filled with profane messages saying the doctors should be ashamed and should go to jail.


The doctors also got swamped by hostile phone calls and Facebook messages from across the U.S., he said.


"We're not political activists.  We were surprised at the nationwide organized vitriol that has come our way so quickly," he said.  "Apparently we hit a nerve.  I've been a doctor for 30 years.  I kind of missed when politics got this viral, this national."


He said he and his colleagues planned to meet Sunday night to figure out how to deal with the firestorm they touched off.  The consequences could extend to their employer, which said it was investigating the events.


Source and Full Story: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


The doctors were stunned by the backlash and helping out and they are NOT political activists??? Please!!!


High School Students have no idea why they are protesting – Can you say indoctrination and pawns?

Wisc. High School Teachers Bring Students to Protest


Death threats??


Twitter Users Wish Death on Scott Walker

Don’t want the message to be heard, so try and destroy the voice/sound system.

Imagine the press this would have received if the Republican Party supports would have done this?



Madison police detain union operative who tried to destroy Tea Party sound system

Nice friendly people!!!!

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