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Guest Blog By Neil - What being absent without leave means to me!

Guest Blog, Scott Walker, Wisconsin

To all AWOL Democrat Senators:


The inscription on the rotunda of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C. is a quotation from Thomas Jefferson that reads...”  I HAVE SWORN UPON THE ALTER OF GOD, ETERNAL HOSTILITY AGAINST EVERY FORM OF TYRANNY OVER THE MIND OF MAN"! What you all have chosen to do in leaving your duty by running away from your state is NOT democracy!  It is TYRANNY! 


What is taking place in Madison by the unions and their constituents in attempting to intimidate the governor and lawmakers who are being forced to wait for your return is not democracy.  It is ANARCHY! 


Democracy happens when people speak and then vote.  That occurred in November 2010!  You have seen fit to not only disregard that vote, but are now attempting, by your continued absence, to foment strife which you and your union thug bosses hope will intimidate republicans into doing your will against the will of the constituents who voted for them to do exactly what the governor is trying to do!  I support the Governor 100%! 


You have determined unilaterally that my vote, my speech, my representation is not important to you since I disagree with you.  That is EVIL and contrary to representative democracy.  You have stolen my rights as well as the rights of all who disagree with you! 


 The teachers who played “hookey” from their jobs all week have stolen their pay from the taxpayers.  Those who lied and for whom doctors are writing fraudulent excuses have shown that they not only do NOT care about their children but they believe and are teaching their students that the ends justify the means. 


Nazis, communists and every other tyrannical regime has taught that since time began.  Our government was founded as the antithesis of that philosophy!  If what you are doing is allowed to succeed by weak kneed republicans, our representative form of government will perish.  Scott Walker is not attempting to destroy the unions but he is attempting to limit the almost unlimited power they have had over our state.  I say PRAISE GOD that finally someone is standing up for me!  I happen to know that despite the bias of the main stream media (yes even Fox News) the majority of Wisconsinites are behind Scott and the republican majority.  Those who fear their loss of power are the union leaders. All I can say is that for teachers who fear the loss of some of their collective bargaining need to remember that it was union collective bargaining that forced the state to provide tenure to teachers that are incompetent or lazy and has made it next to impossible to get rid of them.  Collective bargaining for anything other than salaries has placed an unbearable and unsustainable burden on local communities like Wauwatosa, St. Francis, Oak Creek and others.  Over 80% of our School Board budgets are due to public employee union demands.  You now say that you are willing to concede health and pension contributions but you have fled the state rather than concede anything more.  Your actions and those of the thugs in the state capital who are vandalizing the place as I write this are simple proof of how easy it is to 'negotiate' with unions.  It is also proof of why even FDR was against public employee unions.  Your 'chickens have come home to roost' to use a phrase of one of President Obama's favorite people.  My advice to you is come home and come home soon while you still have a constituents who may choose to forget what you have done. 


As for me I will never forget!  


That is not a threat.  It is a promise!




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