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Why No Voice

I am curious as to why Governor Walker does not want to allow legislative discussion when it comes to our Medicaid program.  More importantly, the voices of the citizens of Wisconsin will also remain silent. What is he afraid of?

The Budget Repair Bill, as it is written today, would allow the Department of Health Services (DHS) and the Joint Committee on Finance to create policy  to allow changes to the Wisconsin Medicaid Program. There has even been concern expressed by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau as to this provision.

I agree that there need to be changes in the Medicaid program. I am not an expert on the subject, only a citizen who has been able to ensure that his kids are covered by the program.

I can not agree with the fact that a person, who was not elected by the people, but appointed to the postion by the Governor can make policy decisions that could affect 1.1 Million people in the State of Wisconsin, that is 20% of the entire population that receives some form of Medicaid benefits.

I also do not agree with the fact that there would be no legislative discussion on this issue.  A policy that could affect 20% of the State residents needs to  be discussed by all elected officials, not just those on the Joint Finance Committee.  There are currently no members from my district on this committee.  The members of the committee may or may not have a high population of people in the Medicaid program in their districts. 

Finally, and most importantly, if a policy is going to affect 1.1 million people, 20% of the population, there must be public input. 

It is time to have the Medicaid provision removed from the current Budget Repair Bill before the Senate votes on it.

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