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Some Thoughts on the Collective Bargaining Privilege

Wisconsin, Scott Walker, PUP

Collective Bargaining is not a right, it is a privilege granted by State Law passed in 1959. 


Your Rights come from the United States Bill of Rights, which are amendments to the United States Constitution and your God given rights.


Public employee “Collective Bargaining” are privileges granted by law, the “Act of 1959” Section 111.70 under Wisconsin State Statute.


Two sections of state law -- one for state workers and one for local government and public school employees


But Randy the language in the act says “Right”. 


If it was a true right it would have been ratifited and amended the  Wisconsin Constitution.


Laws can easily be changed, modified or done away with, TRUE rights cannot.


Federal employees have NO collective Bargaining privileges whatsoever.  NONE!  Nothing for pay at all.  The FBI Agent or Secret Service Agent protecting the President has NONE!!!  If it is a basic right as some say, why don’t federal employees have them?


Now back to Wisconsin and Governor Scott Walker’s Budget Repair Bill.


It doesn’t break the union (it does weaken it) unless you think that the union workers are being forced to joining the union (which they are) and that you think people will leave in droves (that is truly unknown).  They will still be able to belong to the union or join it and if they don’t want to they are not FORCED to!  They are forced to contribute to the democrat candidates whether they want to or NOT!


Walker is trying to free the union workers and give them a choice.  Right now you do have a choice, take the job or not, pay the dues or still write them a check.


In fact, the workers have more choices then.  Why should they have to join the unions in the first place?  America is still about freedom and choice right?  With this action, you can be freed to make the choice to pay the union dues or not, belong to the union or not.


Isn’t the left and liberals all about pro choices?  I see that is only when we are talking about a woman’s body and not this.


The choice is yours, then again not if you want to NOT pay dues or belong to the union if you are a public employee.  That is just the way the big “Bosses” want it!


Pro choice for abortion, just not when it comes to union dues or not joining the union. 




No just the liberal way!



Please notice the UNIONS in this list. Where do you think that money comes from?....That's right...union dues.



Top All-Time Donors, 1989-2010


The American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees, the top public-sector union, spent a reported $87.5 million nationally in the 2010 election cycle — 99% for Democrats.





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