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Recalling the AWOL Senators

Recall, Wisconsin

Recall Effort Under Way For AWOL Senators


Men In Pleasant Prairie, Utah Trying To Gather Signatures


A man on his couch in his Pleasant Prairie apartment is trying to bring some order to the chaos going on in Madison.


"I'm upset that 14 senators leaving the state of Wisconsin stops government in its tracks," Dan Hunt said.


Hunt is gauging support for a recall of Sen. Robert Wirch, one of the AWOL democrats.


"They should debate, argue, amend, all the things that they need to do to legislation and be there to take votes," Hunt said.


Hunt said even some of those protesting have contacted him, wanting the senators to return.  As Hunt works his effort in Wisconsin, a man in Utah is doing the same.  Dan Baltes has already filed the recall paperwork but Hunt thinks it's an intrusion.


"I think it's reprehensible because he's not part of us, he doesn't live here, so butt out," Hunt said.


Baltes fired back.


"Organizations need to understand that I'm no threat to them.  I'm only trying to do and help them in every way, shape and form possible," Baltes said.


Baltes is a paralegal and Internet radio blogger.  Ten months ago, he began taking national political stances -- first in the immigration debate, now in the collective bargaining issue.


"Someone tries to strong-arm the political process by absenting themselves out of the process and I see that as an assault on our republic," Baltes said.


He formed the American Patriot Recall Association and says he's organizing events all over Wisconsin to gather signatures.  A woman in West Bend is gathering old campaign signs to show her support.


"Its important for Wisconsin to really make a statement that the silent majority is speaking," Ginny Maziarka said.


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