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Guest Blog by Neil - AWOL Democrat Senators This is on You!

Guest Blog, Wisconsin, Scott Walker, Union

To all 14 AWOL Democrat Senators and Union Workers Pawns:



You have proven your pointless point! 


You have stopped democracy by your absence. 




You have shown the world that YOU don’t care about LAWS, RULES or ORDER!




My vote and those of the majority of Wisconsinites in November have been rendered null and void.


Good Job!


Mob rule wins! Mob rule wins! Mob rule wins!


In addition, you have cost the taxpayers of Wisconsin an additional $12 Million to $15 Million in security costs and according to the Journal Sentinel today it is estimated that the damage to the Capitol building is estimated at $7.5 Million.  That is not counting the outside landscaping etc. 


Additionally, Republican Senators have been threatened, their homes and children intimidated publicly.  Roberta Darling needed the escort of five police officers just to go from the senate chambers to her office.


This is what YOU are teaching our children and other adults! 


Morals that is something you don’t have.




It seems to me that your fines of $100 a day seems to not be enough to cover all of this! I just heard that the Senate is about to pass a bill holding you in contempt of the Senate and make it possible to drag you back by force if necessary in chains!  I don't think that is even harsh enough but then...that is just me! 


The double standard is unbelievable, but you are Liberal Democrats so that makes it just fine to do.


Imagine if Republicans had done what you have done during Doyle’s term!


Today police have also found live ammunition outside the Capitol building. 




Anyone of us knows what you are really trying to do!  You are attempting to give union bosses time to cram through their new contracts before anything passes making it not possible.  You are protecting your money train coming in and that is what this crying and temper tantrums is truly about.  Facts are facts and anyone who cannot see that is either turning a blind eye to it, feel what wrong doing that is being done is okay, or this is just about YOU and YOU feel YOU are better than everyone else!


Anyone who is a teacher or local government official, (especially officials who are appointed and not elected like the WCTC board, MATC, some of MPS,) most of whom who sympathize with you are complicit in the rape of this State!


To those workers that believe in these actions because of YOUR personal gains and how CUTS are fine for others just not you, that is called GREED and the Lord will judge you!


At some point, you sheep and you really are sheep if you believe the union lies, count the sheep going to be laid off because your brethren and union bosses along with their puppets the democrats are using you like human shields or like cannon fodder, will see the Union Bosses are the real wolves not Scott Walker, but will it be too late.  Even teachers who once feared Scott Walker’s proposals are increasingly becoming appalled by the Union Bosses actions and the ensuing anarchy. 


If the mainstream media had any guts the headline would be, “The Pink Slips are coming, the Pink Slips are coming and you can blame the fleeing 14”!  And it would be true.  Walker gave you a way to protect the jobs, but GREED got in your way.  Lord help you and have pity on your soul for you have never felt the sting of not having a cushy job with the money not coming in.  This will make the furlough days look like a vacation, ask anyone from the unemployment line.


Thank your Union Bosses and the fleeing 14 Democrat Senators when you cash your unemployment check.  Oh and don’t forget you will be required to be looking for a JOB, now in the PRIVATE sector!  Good Luck!


Fleeing 14 Democrat Senators, I will borrow a chant from your own minions who are trashing my Capitol Building.  This is RIGHT, it isn’t just your Capitol, it is also MINE!




The mainstream media is on your side, as expected, and YOU will win the propaganda war because you don’t play by the rules, lie and cheat, and are just a bunch of dishonest people. 


Alternative media and bloggers are increasingly exposing you for what you are, liars, thieves, shirkers of responsibilities, inciters of violence, and toadies of the union thugs! 


The uncivil tone and ugliness of this affair rests totally with you and your union bosses. 


The hypocrisy of your preaching and position cannot be overstated despite the best efforts of your advocates at the Journal Sentinel and Wisconsin State Journal as well as TV mainstream outlets. 


If any harm comes to any one of the Republicans including Scott Walker or Rebecca Kleefisch or for that matter to any of you who might finally decide to return, the blame rests with you for escalating things to this point where mob rule is your norm!


The thing about mobs is at some point you lose control of the mob and I fear we are at that point!


I pray daily that the violence that you have unleashed is contained and that the myriads of police that have been required can keep the peace.  You can prevent further escalation by your own mob by coming home now!  You can also offer to pay for the damage they have done!  This is all damage you have caused!  Your Union Bosses pay for your elections.  Perhaps they will pay for all the damage.



An Angry Taxpayer exercising the last real RIGHT I still have left until your side gets its way and silences it! 


I cannot be arrested for what I think of you! 


In America, my personal thoughts are protected by GOD even though your side wants America to be a Godless country. 



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