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Hypocrisy and Fairness Part2

Union, Wisconsin, Scott Walker, Abortion

To my religious right or left public workers read this one, pause and take a moment and think.  Think real hard, you do have a choice.  That choice is NOW!


Let’s look at a statement and logically reason it through.


Those on the left and many public sector workers think and say, “Pro-choice and Abortion is A-Okay because it is the woman’s body and it isn’t a person or baby anyways.”




Remember - It needs to be fair!  They believe in fairness!


Yet union workers will not be given a choice not to belong to a union and pay dues. 


No pro-choice there.  NONE!


Now to the religious right or left public workers, you ARE supporting abortion. 


That is the truth. 


How can and do you still support the union leaders? 


Right now you are saying, Randy you are not making sense! 


Well your union dues go right into the Democrats pockets, which in turn help fund Planned Parenthood and the Pro-Choice cause with means you are funding abortions.  Maybe you are a morally moderate or socially liberal person, and then stop the façade that you are a religious right or left person.


Until you stand up and understand this and do something about it, it is on YOU!


Now you can try and reason and justify why you shouldn’t do something and how you are powerless to do something and it isn’t YOU directly, but it is YOU directly with your money.


Randy that just isn’t fair to say and it is a stretch. 


It may not be fair, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t correct and a stretch.


NOW, that is what the Democrats are doing with some of your money.


Your union dues go to support it, like it or not!  The truth is harsh.


Standup to your union.  Standup for that baby!


Ohio Teachers May Refuse Dues Because of Union Abortion Support: Ohio Court


I am not about to call you a baby killer, but the longer you stay silent and don’t do the morally correct thing the more it will eat at you, especially since you can no longer claim ignorance. 


That baby has no voice, but you do!


That baby has no choice, but you do!


That baby, think about that baby!


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.  --Edmund Burke



Freedom from unions does not equate with totalitarianism.  If anything, union restrictions on job movements and time, down to the minute, approach totalitarianism in the workplace far more.


Totalitarianism is forcing some one to join a union to work at a place of business.




The normal cost of a first-trimester abortion runs between $350 and $550, depending on subsidies, the method used, and other variables such as cost of living.


A 2001 study conducted by the Guttmacher Institute found that the average overall cost of an abortion in the United States was $468, a figure that has probably risen since then due to inflation, but that the average amount paid for an abortion (due to subsidies) is $372.


Second-trimester abortions tend to be more expensive. At the Jackson Women's Health Organization, Mississippi's only remaining abortion clinic, a surgical abortion costs $405 if the pregnancy is in the first trimester, $495 at weeks 13-14, and $640 at weeks 15-16.


Conventional wisdom would suggest that an abortion induced via RU-486/Mifepristone would cost less than a surgical abortion, but this is not necessarily the case.  The Jackson Women's Health Organization, for example, charges $520 for a first-trimester RU-486 abortion--$115 more than a surgical abortion would cost.




From Wisconsin Right to Life


Thursday, March 3, 2011


"Wisconsin Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers promote their ‘services’ to women, when in fact, they receive millions in taxpayer dollars which help underwrite their abortion practices,"  states Barbara Lyons, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life.  "Most egregiously, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin uses its local agencies to feed women into its three lucrative Wisconsin abortion clinics."


There are five abortion clinics operating in Wisconsin, three of them owned by Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.  Nationally, Planned Parenthood receives over $360 million in federal and state taxpayer dollars.  Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin receives several million state taxpayer dollars under various state programs.


"Wisconsin has a long history of respecting human life at all stages.  The general public does not want its taxpayer dollars used for abortions or going to abortion providers.  Wisconsin Right to Life applauds Governor Scott Walker for ensuring that taxpayers are not involved in the taking of human life.  We look forward to working with state legislators to ensure that the Governor’s budget provision remains intact," continued Lyons. 


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