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Here is the Collective Bargaining Working Not for the Public and Kids!

Wisconsin, Scott Walker

Keep telling yourself that there isn’t a rush to get these contracts quickly signed and because they are rushed, school programs will be cut instead of benefits.  It is not for the KIDS, so please stop kidding yourself!


Just another example why Collective Bargaining in the public sector doesn’t work!


From the Sheboygan Press


Howards Grove district to discuss extending teachers' contracts to 2013


The Howards Grove School Board will hold a special meeting at 4:30 p.m. today to discuss in closed session whether to extend the district’s contract with its teachers through the 2013 school year, avoiding restrictions on public employee contracts that would occur if Gov. Scott Walker’s budget plan is passed.


In an e-mail to district teachers obtained by The Sheboygan Press, Howards Grove Education Association President Diana Kirschbaum says, “Many of our members have been active and involved in many venues to help our voices be heard.  It is time to bring those voices home” and urges members to contact school board members to approve the extension.


“Your response to this request to write letters needs to be swift, professional, and personal,” she wrote, suggesting that teachers give their letters to union representatives today.


The district’s current contract with teachers expires June 30.  Negotiations on a new contract have been on hold since Walker proposed his budget repair bill, which would require public employees to contribute more toward their pension and health benefits and allow their unions to only negotiate over wages.  It also would allow public school teachers to opt out of union membership.


Contracts would remain in force if they are ratified before Walker’s bill becomes law.  Walker has charged that Democrats in the Legislature have stalled passage of the bill to allow unions more time to get new contracts passed.


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