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Wisconsin, Email

Randy thank you for emailing back and posting the topic we were talking you explained it so much better.  I will accept the fact that maybe I am not a conservative like I thought, I guess I would be a moderate, but maybe I am an independent and just vote with the republicans.  My social liberal feelings run strong and you have a strong point.  I still think that many moderates are “Towing the Party lines” I know I told you I am a state employee with about 5 years before retirement and losing $385 a month is still going to hurt.  Maybe I have been stretching my money further than I should have, but if you were me and in my shoes knowing they cannot touch my money, you would have stretch it as well.


I didn’t vote for Walker in the primary, I voted for Mark Neumann and in the general I just didn’t vote.  I think you were a little harsh on those of us that decided not to vote for Walker.  I knew he was going to come after us after he got stonewalled with the Milwaukee County Union. I could vote for Barrett as I didn’t want to see my taxes go up and would rather see workers laidoff.  I have enough years where I would be fine. I know you said that is selfish, but I don’t agree.  If it is between me and someone else, it is going to be someone else.  They don’t pay my bills, feed my children or even work for me.  I know the union doesn’t have my personal interest, and I don’t care.  I have 5 years left and then I am gone.  Out of the state, it is a tax hell and I know that.  You might be right that my fellow workers are not going to leave in droves and the good workers will after a little time go back to working 100%, but I don’t see that.  Work slowdowns and massive amounts of people leaving will happen. I am too old to look for another, but others will leave, just watch.  There is an email circulating showing people where to look for other jobs.


My neighbor told me that the union is like a cult and he pointed out many things, but I told he I don’t believe what they say and don’t buy into it.  I will continue to read your column because many times I agree with you, but to be honest, lately I just look for the comments since you may give me dates, facts and figures, I really don’t care.  I know how I feel and I know 5 years, I will be somewhere warm and less taxes.


I don’t ever think I will make a difference to those that don’t want to consider or entertain different notions.  I can see the feeling of “Go along to get along” and riding out the last few years, but you don’t know that you make so many of my cases of money, taxes and life.


The real red herring is that this is about labor rights; it is about raw unopposed POWER!


The Union Bosses and Democrats are losing it and they don’t like it!


You cannot reason someone out of something they didn’t reason themselves into.





Listen numnuts crazy repubs like you are not the norm in Liberal America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Battleground Wisconsin is the first line in the 2012 Election, which never ended from 2008 for the left.  Obama has been and never left campaign attack mode.


Sorry Charlie, more and more states are starting to admit there is something not right about the public sector and collective bargaining.  They aren’t the whole and only problem, but a major issue that has never been dealt with.


This battle to reign in the unions is popping up all over the country and we need to come together and remain focused to support the brave leaders taking on this fight.


Ohio - The State House is just days away from a vote to limit collective bargaining.


Florida- The legislature is debating legislation to limit teacher tenure and restore commonsense to education.


Idaho - The Governor is ready to sign similar legislation reforming teacher tenure.


Iowa - The House of Representatives is currently debating legislation to curb collective bargaining rights for government employees.


Michigan - The Michigan legislature has approved separate measures to give the state the power to break union contracts.


Indiana - The Senate passed a bill to limit public school teachers' collective bargaining rights and is considering other measures that curb organized labor influence.


New Hampshire - The House passed a right-to-work bill that prohibits public sector workers from being required to join labor unions.


Kansas - The House passed legislation outlawing employee payroll deductions for union dues and political action committees.


Tennessee - The Senate Education Committee just passed a bill that would end teachers' rights to working conditions through collective bargaining.


9 Other States - have introduced legislation to limit public worker collective bargaining: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, New Mexico and Washington.


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