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Collective Bargaining Changes to Become Law March 25

Wisconsin, Union, Scott Walker

La Follette: Collective bargaining bill will be law March 25


La Follette already has the bill in hand.  By law he has to publish the bill within 10 days unless a court blocks him from doing so.


La Follette said that, over the weekend, he had heard from people representing municipalities, school boards and other public entities asking that La Follette take the maximum amount of time because of the complexities of the measure.


"They told me they need time to sort this out," La Follette said.  "It made sense to give this as much time as I could."


Translation - My union friends and fellow Democrat Party members asked me to sit on it in hopes the courts will stop it!  I am a democratic and can drag it out to give those in my party time to rush ram the contracts in before the buzzer and that La Follette has stopped just stopped it because he is playing politics. 


This isn’t fair to the state workers who cannot get new contracts.  Are the brethren thinking of them or their own skins?


With the rush of these contracts, do the workers NOT know they will be laid-off  to make up the difference?


The hope is if they can keep extending the contracts, the new law will NOT apply. 


Sorry Charlie, there isn’t a grandfather clause and a contract extension is a new contract!


Complexities?  It is very straightforward!




More on this:



MADISON, Wis. – Wisconsin's Secretary of State tells The Associated Press that he has decided not to publish a bill taking away public workers' collective bargaining rights until the latest day possible.


Secretary of State Doug La Follette said Monday that he decided to publish the law on March 25 in order to give schools and other local governments time to pass contract extensions between now and then.


Walker is proposing a nearly $1 billion cut in aid to schools in his two-year budget plan that would take effect in July.  He argued that because of that, districts needed to get more money from their employees to help mitigate the loss in aid.


The Wisconsin Association of School Boards is telling districts to be cautious about approving contracts that will make it more difficult for them to handle the cuts in aid Walker is seeking.  The association had estimated earlier this month that up to a fourth of the state's 424 districts have approved new contract extensions since Walker unveiled the bill on Feb. 11.


And to those with their heads in the sand - Not rushing ramming contracts through, right!  Ramming something through is okay if it is your side doing it. 


Where is the outcry that these are happening in closed doors, no public meetings, being done so the only recourse is teacher layoffs or program cuts?

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