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Driving with Your 2nd Suspended License Involved in a Police Chase, Get an OWI and Take 7 years To Show Up For Your Court Appearance?

Wisconsin, Milwaukee County, Chris Abele

This goes to Chris Abele’s character and how out of touch he is with reality.  This silver spoon, self-proclaimed he has never had a job, elitists wants to be Milwaukee County Executive and spend our money! 


NO WAY!!!! 


Abele claims he did the responsible thing! 




The responsible thing would have been not to drive with a suspended driver’s license! 

Why was it suspended in the first place?

Why was it suspended twice?


The responsible thing would have been not to drive a non-registered car!!


The responsible thing would have been not to drive drunk!!!


The responsible thing would have been to not to be speeding!!!!


The responsible thing would have been to pull over when stopped!!!!!


The responsible thing would have been to show up for your court date!!!!!!


The responsible thing would have been to answer the court summons!!!!!!!


Rules don’t apply to him, so he thinks!!!!!!!!!


Hey Liberals, please defend him!!!




No wonder Abele will NOT debate!!!!  He doesn’t want people to know who he is!!!


He is NOT a responsible person!


Emphasis is mine!


From MJS


Abele took more than seven years to respond to OWI


There are, of course, the rules that most of us have to abide by.


And then there are the rules that millionaire philanthropist Chris Abele follows.


Glendale records show Abele, one of two candidates for Milwaukee County executive, took more than seven years to show up in Municipal Court to respond to a first-offense operating while intoxicated offense.


In July 1996, Abele was arrested in the northern suburb for driving while under the influence.  Milwaukee police began pursuing Abele's green, two-door Mazda after he was clocked driving 65 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone.  After a short chase, Abele finally pulled over at the intersection of N. Port Washington Rd. and W. Silver Spring Dr. in Glendale.


The report - obtained this week by No Quarter via open records from Glendale city officials - said Abele "had a strong odor of an intoxicant on/about himself, slurred speech and had trouble maintaining his balance."


"I then asked Abele how much he had to drink tonight," the officer wrote.  "Abele said about 5 drinks."


He failed multiple field sobriety tests and had a blood-alcohol level of 0.21, more than twice the amount considered evidence of intoxication at the time.


He also was ticketed for non-registration of his car and operating after suspension of his driver's license, second offense. .


But when it came time for the scion of Boston businessman John Abele to show up in court on Aug. 21, 1996, he was a no show.


A bench warrant was issued for his arrest.


Not until December 2003 - more than seven years after the bench warrant was issued - did Abele finally appear in court.


Finally, in February 2004, Abele entered a no contest plea and was given the option of paying $694 or serving 27 days in jail.  He paid the fine.


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