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Guest Blog - The Walker Bill from a Private Sector Union Democrat Worker That Isn't a Liberal

Guest Blog, Scott Walker, Wisconsin, Liberals

Here is a friend of mine’s view on the Walker Bill.  He is a Democrat, but NOT a liberal and he is a private sector union member for over 30 years.




First, let me tell you that I am a JFK Democrat and do NOT like the direction the Liberals/Progressives who have hijacked MY party are taking it.  Those hijackers are just a small sliver of MY Party who thinks they stand for me, they don’t.  They don’t have a clue who and what I want.


I do not support or vote for Scott Walker, I voted for Tom Barrett.


I do not like public sector unions and they are NOT my brethren.  I have NEVER seen one of them come down in support of my union, the Brewery Workers UAW Local 9.  Not once have they helped out.  Zero!!!


My point is the public sector unions are a hornet’s nest.  If you disturb them, you will get stung.  We don’t like hornet’s nests, but you just leave them alone.


Public sector workers clamor that they will run to the binding arbitration and over 90% the arbitrator will give the union what they ask and then some!  It is a joke!!!


I don’t want my taxes to go up and would like to see the public sector union workers share in the pain we are all feeling, but if we try to move the nest, we will just get strung and it will be worse than before.  The system is broke and I am not talking in just money.


The taxpayers just keep taking it in the rear and the public sector unions are insulated from things and that isn’t right.


Walker and all of taxpayers are feeling the sting of the hornets, they are pests, and we truly are powerless to do anything about them.  That is what happens when there aren’t two sides at the collective bargaining table working to be fair like in the private sector.  The union side and the government side are on the same side and that is wrong.


Walker is trying to be the can of hornet killer.  I just don’t think the can is big enough to rid us of all the hornets in the nest.


Public Sector Union Workers, you are NOT my brethren and you do not represent me and to the Liberals in My Party, neither do you.  If Walker is able to pull this off, the State of Wisconsin and The Democrat Part will be better off.


Thank you for letting me put my thoughts to paper and give you a different way of looking at this problem.


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