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Collective Bargaining Is NOT a Right, It Is a Privilege

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Okay, from all the emails I get on this, maybe we are not framing this in the correct way that people can understand it.


I will give it a different try.


Collective Bargaining Is NOT a Right, it is a Privilege.


Collective Bargaining is NOT a Right, but a privilege.  If it were a right, we would all have them.


Let’s stop there.


A Right is given to all citizens for example the right to vote, the right to property, the right to worship, the right to information, etc.


We don’t all have them unless we join a union, so we have two classes.


A “Right” granted by law is a privilege and can be taken away from the legislature easily.  A true “Right” is ratified and amended to the Constitution is a true Right and applies to all.  A Right doesn’t setup two groups, it is for ALL. 


The so called Collective Bargaining Rights sets up two groups , have and have nots, and the Right to form a union and Collectively Bargain is still there after the Walker Bill. 


Could someone please show me in the Wagner Act and Taft-Hartley, and the upheld by Supreme Court Decisions as being Constitutional Right of Labor where it states this is for collective bargaining of benefits.  BENEFITS!!!


You cannot because it isn’t there.  There are no Rights to Collectively Bargain for benefits.  None!


And unions do not, under any of the legal cites given, have the right to negotiate with public employers.  They do so at the sufferance and permission of the respective government, which can be withdrawn.  Hence it isn't a right for them, but a privilege.  It may be very desirable as public policy, or not, but it isn't a right, it is however a privilege.


No one can show an example of a gov't that was compelled to grant collective bargaining against its own statutes.  Until then, calling it a "right" is a fervent wish, but only that.


The left points to this –


The word benefits are not in those laws.  However, that does not mean that employers and labor cannot include benefits in their negotiations.  Your argument that since the word is not in the bill is a false argument.  I could then argue that the government should not regulate automobile safety because the word automobile is not in the Constitution.  Therefore if labor wants benefits included and the employer agrees, then benefits are part of collective bargaining.


The problem with that reasoning is the left is giving an example of public policy, not a right.  I don’t have a right to own a car or a driver’s license, but a privilege.  Collective Bargaining under the Walker Bill is being amended not removed, it grew over the years, thus it can shrink. 


The irony here is Walker’s bill via removing the Union dues money laundering (we all know that is... what happens) has to happen.  Public Sector Unions don’t work.  Unions work in the private sector, but they don’t in the public sector. 





Oshkosh school district teacher get 90 days of sick leave for 180 days of work.


 Union concessions would save Oshkosh district at least $4 million with renegotiated contracts


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