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Abuse Victim Criticizes Ad Against Prosser And The Despicable Left

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As a victim of abuse of former priest John Patrick Feeney, I was very upset to see ads and internet posting by the Greater Wisconsin Committee and supporters of Supreme Court candidate Joanne Kloppenburg using my court case as a political tool against Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser.


In 1979, as a prosecutor, Prosser made a decision to not file charges against Feeney due to his concern about the emotional toll that a jury trial would have on my brother and me due to our young age at the time.  Also, Prosser was given assurances by the Green Bay Catholic diocese that administrative actions would be taken against Feeney.  In retrospect, I do not believe that some of the diocese officials were honest with Prosser.


Many years later, at a jury trial in February of 2004, Feeney was successfully prosecuted for his abusive actions against my brother and me.  He was sentenced to 15 years in prison.


The prosecution in 2004 was successful due to the discovery of new evidence by the police and the special prosecutor.  Also, as adults, my brother and I were much more comfortable being able to publicly testify about some very sensitive information.


As adults, my brother and I were able remember more detailed information about the abuse that was not made know to the police and prosecutor back in 1979.  Also, by 2004, the police and special prosecutor had found several other victims of Feeney from the 1960’s and 1970’s to help with the prosecution.  Those other victims had not come forward as of 1979.


While working with the special prosecutor during the preparation of the case from 2002-2004, I became aware that the special prosecutor consulted with David Prosser.  It is my understanding that Prosser offered helpful insights into the matter and encouraged the prosecution of Feeney.


As a victim, I find the ad by the Greater Wisconsin Committee to be offensive, inaccurate and out of context.  I hope that organization will remove the ad.  I hope Ms. Kloppenburg will encourage that organization to pull the ad.  I hope all websites, blogs and other purveyors of political information would stop portraying this case inaccurately and out of context.


If I was a resident of the State of Wisconsin, I would vote for David Prosser in the upcoming election.


Troy J. Merryfield

Suffolk, Virginia

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