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Words, Comprehension & Liberals

Blogging, Liberals

Another blogger here in one of their posts questioned, “When did being an elitist become a bad thing”?  Every time I read something like this, I'm completely awestruck.  They cited our Special Forces as being elite.  I whole heartily agree with the Special Forces as being elite, but being an elitist is a bad thing and I agree with that.


A few things you have to understand, liberals are hypocrites, they see what they want to see and choose not to see what they don’t.  There are none so blind as those who will not see.


If I make a mindless comment, and get challenged on it, I had better be able to come up with something valid to explain myself.  Or...rightfully get hammered on it.  But that's exactly why I don't make comments I can't back up.  It's really quite easy to do.


I love peeling layers of irony like an onion.


Let’s look at some words.




That word is good don’t you think.  Mary is social. 


However, socialist not so much (unless you are a socialist).


Commune.  Not bad. 


Communist not so.


Elite is good


Elitist is not.


Romans also had a strong sense of superiority.  Anyone outside of the empire was thought to be a "barbarian."


What is the difference, adding the boasting and individualism to them? 


I know someone in the Special Forces, and he has never been so arrogant to say, he was an elitists because he was in the Special Forces.  Instead when he talks about it, I was one of the elite members of the Special Forces.


Notice the difference?  I am sure you do!  These are the easy no-brainers.


Now I am sure this blogger is going, “I don’t see the difference.  It doesn’t make sense and Randy you are just wrong!”


Original point missed.  Go back and read it again. 


Literacy does not guarantee comprehension.


It is all in the words and comprehension of those words.  The trouble with liberals again is they see what they want to see and choose not to see what they don’t.  They insert themselves into the situation.  It is about them.  That is what egocentric narcissists do. 


If your definition and your premise are wrong, your conclusions that follow have to be.  Thus, your logic and reasoning are as well.


"Teach the young people how to think, not what to think.”  -Sidney Sugarman

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