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Guest Blog By Paul B. - The Slimy Greater Wisconsin Committee Ad & Kloppenburg

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Randy has posted the letter written to the news media by Troy Merryman, who, with his brother, was a victim of sexual abuse by a catholic priest in 1979.


If you missed it please read it here



The "Greater Wisconsin Committee" a group promoting the election of a woman named Kloppenburg to the Wisconsin Supreme Court has made and advertisement using this situation to attack Judge Prosser, her opponent! 


If you listen to the ad you get the opinion that at the time, D.A. Prosser (33 years ago) prevented the case from being prosecuted. 

(Implying that Prosser was protecting catholic pedophiles!) 


One's first reaction is to recoil in horror and make up ones mind to shum Prosser and to NOT vote for him.


Without the truth of Mr. Merryfield's letter (which you will probably not read in the Journal or any main stream media outlet or TV station) you will not know what really happened and you will possible make a huge mistake on election day!


In an effort to set the record straight, I am want to enlighten everyone I know no matter which side of the political debate they are on. 


My hope would be that Ms. Kloppenburg would denounce this ad and in the absence of such denunciation, I find it difficult to believe her when she continually says she is "impartial"! 


Prosser asked Kloppenburg to call for the ad to be taken down. She declined to do so.


"It's not my ad," Kloppenburg said.  "Like it or not, third parties have a First Amendment right to run ads of their own choosing."


You should also know that Mr. Merryman's brother contacted Charlie Sykes to say that he totally agreed with the letter of his brother Troy!

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