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Plain & Simple - Do You Like All Of This Court Action?

Court, Wisconsin

If you like paying for of this and all of the stoppage of the Governor to govern, and then vote for JoAnne Kloppenburg.


The left and liberals will rush everything the governor does to the court and cry that everything will be an “Overreach” and it will be everything!


Get used to it!


If you are for it, then stand up and say,


I think Judges should legislate from the bench and I don’t care about the separation of powers!


Make sure you say it loud and proud and then turn to your kids and explain it to them!


"Legislation from the bench" is also known as “Judicial Activism” is the use of one's own agenda, whether political or morale, in the decision process of the courts!


“I intend to go right on appointing highly qualified individuals of the highest personal integrity to the bench, individuals who understand the danger of short-circuiting the electoral process and disenfranchising the people through judicial activism.”  - Ronald Reagan


Ask yourself this:


“Why are there not ads showing the real numbers about Prosser’s ruling in favor to Republicans?”


Because Prosser is a Moderate and he is the swing vote.  He has voted against the Republicans because he votes on the issue of is it Constitutional not on a political party. 


Prosser doesn’t agree with the changes of Collective Bargaining, but his opinion doesn’t matter, is it Constitutional is what matters! 




“They’re people who believe that the Constitution is what they’re to follow, not what they’re to depart from; people who do not believe that legislation from the bench is the responsibility or authority of being on the bench.”


Legislative-judicial overlap.


The state senate sits as the court for all impeachments of public officers.

The state assembly initiates impeachments.


The legislature has the power to learn facts upon which legislative choices may depend.  It may hold hearings and subpoena witnesses and documents.  The legislature can investigate the other two branches, generally acting through its committees.  The legislature appoints the state auditor.

Courts usually do not rule on political questions, reserving that task for the legislature.  Nor do the courts normally rule on the propriety, practicality, or wisdom of a statute.  Courts may only invalidate statutes that violate the constitution.


Executive-judicial overlap.


Executive branch agencies may conduct hearings that resemble judicial proceedings.  Agencies may hold such hearings to determine if certain facts exist, to grant or revoke licenses, to assess penalties, and to perform other executive acts, subject to judicial review, as long as the hearing officer does not exercise judicial powers.


“I have never given a litmus test to anyone that I have appointed to the bench.... I feel very strongly about those social issues, but I also place my confidence in the fact that the one thing that I do seek are judges that will interpret the law and not write the law.  We've had too many examples in recent years of courts and judges legislating.  They're not interpreting what the law says and whether someone has violated it or not.  In too many instances, they have been actually legislating by legal decree what they think the law should be, and that I don't go for.  And I think that the two men that we're just talking about here, Rehnquist and Scalia, are interpreters of the Constitution and the law.”  - Ronald Reagan

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