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Do You See What Is Wrong With This?

Union, Wisconsin

A quick thought on compromising –



Why can't Bishops just compromise their religious principles and ethics and support pure American me-ism?


Why cannot the churches just compromise on abortions and everyone just accept, Pro-Choice!  That is the perfect compromise right?  



In what I will call a highly charged discussion, a friend personally affected by the Walker Bill said to me, not once or twice but three times, “Scott Walker told the unions to wait on the contracts until he got in.”


I corrected him and told him, “No!  Walker told the legislature personnel to stop, not the unions.”


To which my friend said, “They are the same thing!”


What?  I said, he said it again, and added, “Walker was speaking to both!”


I said, nowhere can I find a story saying that, but plenty the way I explained it.


Again, I tried to correct my friend, but he went off into something about Walker making meetings with the union and just not showing up or canceling them.


When I pressed my friend on it and asked if he could get me proof like an email, memo, or something, he told me that Walker was sneaky and did it hands off.  It was someone in Walker’s office, not Walker and it was my mouth in a phone call so he couldn’t get caught or no trail leading back to him.


“A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

- Lenin


My biggest issue besides, Walker not showing up to meetings or canceling them (I don’t think my friend is lying, he is just believing what the union said and if that was fact it would have been included in the lawsuit here), is he doesn’t understand that the two sides are NOT the same.


In fact, they are on the opposite sides.  Opponents!!!!!


Side Note - ****Here is a union director that states Walker never made an attempt to contact the unions which runs counter to what my friend was told by the union.


Again, I am not saying he is lying, but I don't think they were told the truth otherwise that would have been stated in the lawsuit.


This governor has never made any attempt to contact the unions he is attacking*****



Public Union contracts for the longest time have been too chummy and friendly because in fact, they are on the same side.  So de facto, my friend is right in his perception of it that the two sides are the same.


Think of this!


What if my company negotiates a contract and tells you that in the contract you can only use my insurance company (which I control the cost) would that seem right? 


Can you say Monopoly? 


Union dues go to elect democrats, who in turn are kind in the negations process (scratching each other’s back), and don’t play hardball or even fight for the poor suckers who play for the contracts, the taxpayers!


So, in his mind when Walker told the out going Governor and legislature personnel to stop, he was also talking to the union.  


We now have a new political party.  It’s the PUP party; the Public Unions Party!


I was told that Scott Walker has hijacked the process.


I contend the process was hijacked years ago be the union leaders and the legislative people negotiating the contracts (Democrats) and we are just righting the ship.


The flood of money that gushes into politics today is a pollution of democracy.

- Theodore White


I am told, Randy you are just “Toeing the party line.” 


NO!  Not at all! 


Do they ever consider that they are tugged and led by the Union Leader’s leash?


My friend is waiting to see someone say Walker is “The One!”


I wouldn’t go that far!


The man is a human and like all of us, he has made mistakes.  I have called him out in the past and will do so in the future.


Does anyone remember the Bible passage "He who has not sinned may cast the first stone?’’


Those that opposed the Walker Bill see Governor Walker as inflexible, I see him as doing what he was elected to do, make the hard choices and he is a Governor with 'A spine of steel'. 


A leader in the Democratic Party is a boss, in the Republican Party he is a leader.

- Harry S. Truman



Let’s examine the logical nature of this conundrum!


A little refresher -------------------------------


November 11, 2010

MADISON — Gov.-elect Scott Walker took the unusual step Thursday of asking outgoing Gov. Jim Doyle's administration to halt federal health care reforms in the state, cease negotiations on state workers' contracts and abandon any new rules for state agencies.


Walker, a Republican, is set to take office Jan. 3.  His requests signal that he wants to block the Democratic administration from making any last-minute moves that could hamstring him later, especially as he tries to fill a $2.7 billion shortfall in the upcoming state budget.


"We're not picking a fight," Walker told reporters in Milwaukee.  "We're making a very legitimate request. ... We're just asking that this current administration consider not taking action on things that would potentially put us in a more challenging spot when it comes to the next budget.


Walker asked Doyle to end all negotiations on state workers' 2009-2011 contracts until he takes office.  He said he wants to consider them as part of the upcoming state budget.


Gov.-elect Walker urges lawmakers to stop work on union contracts


Unable to stop Gov. Jim Doyle from signing deals with the state's labor unions, Gov.-elect Scott Walker Monday asked outgoing legislative leaders to refrain from approving the contracts in a lame-duck session — a move he said could result in "a need for more aggressive spending cuts" once he takes office.


In a letter to Assembly and Senate leaders, Walker said the state's possible $150 million budget shortfall next year, and a projected $3.3 billion deficit in the 2011-13 budget, are challenges that would be made more difficult if the Legislature committed to new contracts for the state's nearly 40,000 unionized workers.


"Returning and newly elected officials are going to need maximum flexibility to craft and work through our current and next state budget," the Republican governor-elect wrote.


Walker and the new Republican-led Legislature take over Jan. 3, and they have made no secret of their intention to battle the state's labor unions.


But the still Democratic-led Legislature seems intent on approving the current crop of contracts, which would expire in June 2011.  Contract details have not been revealed, but officials with the Department of Administration said they contain no raises and include eight furlough days, which amount to a 3 percent pay cut.



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