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Guest Blog by Paul B - Prosser/Kloppenburg Letter to Family

Wisconsin, Guest Blog

Below is a letter written by a friend who was once the chairman of our Board of Elders in our church.  He has moved to Appleton.  He has done his homework regarding both candidates.  I trust his research as it coincides with my own. 


It really doesn't matter if you are a democrat or republican or if you are conservative or liberal.  If you really care about the truth, you will read the letter and consider it carefully before casting a vote for either candidate on Tuesday. 


If you don't like the truth, you all know where the delete or back button is! 


If you find the letter informative, please pass it to, as many people as you believe want the truth. 


Also, be sure to vote for the best candidate.  This is an important election.




TO: My friends and family

FROM: Ed & Karen Perkins

RE: Our WI Supreme Court Election this Tuesday

DATE: March 30, 2011



The election this Tuesday, April 5th, where we must choose between the re-election of Judge David Prosser and Atty. Joanne Kloppenburg is a very important matter.


In the last 2 months, Karen and I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with Supreme Ct. Judge Prosser.  We have been impressed with what he has had to say about our WI Supreme Ct. and the on-going battle there between those who believe in applying the law and those who wish to bend the law to suit the results they wish to produce from the law. 


In other words, some want to create law where it doesn’t exist (the liberal group on the bench) and others like Prosser want to follow what the law says and was intended to say when written by our state legislators.  My hope is that we all understand the importance of not bending the law and not creating new law when it comes to judges making decisions concerning people’s lives.


By now, some of you are probably thinking, “Give me an example or prove your point, Ed.”  Okay.  I can pick from over 125 cases that I have on my computer involving Atty. Kloppenburg who works for the WI Dept. of Justice.  These are all written summaries of DNR cases that show Atty. Kloppenburg as the attorney bringing the charges for the DNR.  If you read these summaries, you would be upset because many of them involve Atty. Kloppenburg and the DNR bringing cases against small property owners who DID OBTAIN all the proper local permits they needed and then in some cases 5-10-15 years later being told by Atty. Kloppenburg and the DNR that the local township, county or municipality erred in granting these permits and therefore the owners must either pay fines, or, in many cases tear down homes and buildings that were built too close to a small stream, built on a wetland, or in violation of what the DNR deemed lawful. In one case, in Ozaukee County close to Milwaukee, a man bought approx. 20 acres of land, got all the appropriate permits, built a home on it and recently found himself in court because Atty. Kloppenburg and the DNR said you have bought wetlands and therefore your daughter cannot build on this property. 


Another case involves an 80-year-old farmer, who, for reasons I don’t understand, was told by the DNR and Kloppenburg, “You must grow this type grass on your property.”  The farmer refused, saying, “This is my land and I decide what I will grow on it.”  They took him to court.  He refused to come to court and they then charged him with contempt of court; then Kloppenburg asked the court for permission to go directly into this 80-year-old man’s bank account and take money out for fines and court costs, which she did.  This to me says that Atty. Kloppenburg lacks discretion and would do the same thing in our Supreme Court.  She believes in the environmental law and how the DNR wishes to apply it even if it means evicting an 80-year-man from his property because he wishes to plant something different from what the DNR wants him to plant.  This to me is preposterous.  I come from a farm family.  Nobody ever told my dad what he had to plant, and if they had, he would have told them to go you know where.  Today we have people in our courts and gov’t agencies like the DNR that believe they have the right and the POWER to tell you and me whatever they wish, and you and I had better agree or we are going to be taken into our court system like the 80-year-old farmer, and suffer the consequences.


Now, let me discuss the ad that is running against Judge Prosser concerning a case in the 1970’s (that is over 40 years ago).  This ad says that Judge Prosser (he was a District Attorney then) failed to bring charges against a priest in the Green Bay Diocese who had molested 2 boys.  The fact that two major newspapers, the Appleton Post Crescent and the Milw. Journal Sentinel, have both stated that the ad is not truthful has not stopped it from being run on TV.  In the debate last week carried on public TV, Prosser made the point that the ad had been found untruthful and that Kloppenburg should denounce it by insisting it no longer be aired, and that a retraction should be made.  This had zero impact on Kloppenburg.  She never responded to Judge Prosser’s request – she said NOTHING in response AND this ad is still running today.  I was told by David Prosser’s brother yesterday that Prosser was told by the police who investigated this case that they didn’t have sufficient evidence to bring charges at the time. Furthermore, the two boys (now grown men) have been saying publicly that the ad is not true. 


Finally, Prosser, then a District Attorney, was told by the bishop of the Green Bay Archdiocese that THEY would take care of this pedophile priest themselves and asked Prosser to therefore not pursue this case.  Remember, this is back in the 1970’s when most of us would have trusted the Archbishop’s word and when our state courts were saying this is an “internal matter within the church” let them handle it, not our public courts.


In closing, I believe this Supreme Ct. race has very large consequences because Chief Justice Shirley Abramson has publicly declared her strong interest in the court becoming one controlled by the liberal/ progressive group that wants to define the law as they see fit, not as the law was written and intended to be.  If Kloppenburg is elected, we will see decisions coming from this court that will over time have tremendous impact on WI and our individual lives.  I believe farmers are going to be told you can’t farm your “bottom land” because it is in the flood plain; people living in or on wetlands are going to get the 80-year-farmers treatment (move or cease farming that bottom land) and the environmentalists are going to destroy businesses or force them to move out of state.


I hope you will vote next Tuesday, April 5th and that you will vote for Judge Prosser and that you will encourage your friends and other family members to do the same.


May God lead us to recognize the correct candidate to support.



Ed & Karen Perkins

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