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Important Thoughts on Voting Today

Wisconsin, Chris Abele, Court

Vote Today


Reminder that today’s election is non-partisan.


As you vote today, it is important to be informed.


Do your own homework, and research on the candidates and issues.


Dig in and find the real facts and truth. 


Remember do what is right, not what is easy!


Don’t vote for someone just because you think that is what someone else would want.


Vote for whom you think will be the better choice and do the better job as a whole for all.


Scott Walker isn’t on the ballot and if you don’t like him, sign the recall papers and don’t vote for him again, but to take it out on others for his action just isn’t right and it shows a great deal of who you are as a person.


Milwaukee County Executive: Jeff Stone


I cannot tell you whom to vote for, but I can tell you that Jeff Stone is not a clone of Scott Walker.  Jeff Stone is his own man.  He is a moderate and has experience to do the job and do it well.


In my mind, Chris Abele is NOT qualified and is NOT responsible enough to do the job.  If a person isn’t responsible with their own money, how can they be responsible with ours?


If you like higher taxes, then Chris Abele is your man!


Maybe you can overlook the drunk driving, but can you overlook the police chase and the seven years it took him to own up and take responsibility for his actions?


Seven Years!!!


Wisconsin State Supreme Court:  Justice David Prosser


Justice David Prosser is not Scott Walker and in fact he doesn’t agree with what Walker is doing, but judges are not meant to BLOCK the legislative branch, they are responsible for making sure rules and the law are followed and checking to make sure things are Constitutional.  That is it!


Check Prosser’s record and you will see that he doesn’t vote in favor of Republicans while he is on the bench and that is why you don’t see that in the ad for JoAnne Kloppenburg.  They don’t want you to know that, but they do want to confuse you about him which is why they tell you 95% of the time Prosser was a legislature for 1 year he voted with the Republicans, but NOT that way once he was on the bench.


Judges are to be impartial and David Prosser IS!!


From MJS:


Prosser, 68, has voted at various times with his liberal colleagues, and he's the least predictable of the current conservatives on the court. ...Prosser voted with no justice more than 85% of the time, according to a report by the Wisconsin Law Journal


Even if Prosser and Walker share the same political beliefs, it does not necessarily mean Prosser would vote on the Supreme Court the way Walker would act as governor.


Justices must consider the law and legal precedent in making their decisions; and Prosser’s votes, in employment cases alone, show he has not consistently favored one side over another


Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg is NOT qualified. 


FACT - She was turned down by Doyle twice and Obama for Judgeship.  Does that not speak volumes when the LEFT doesn’t support one of their own?


FACT - She has ties to the radical Green Party.


She isn’t tough on crime.


Please, don’t take my word for it, hear and see it for yourself.


FACT - JoAnne Kloppenburg: "Well, I never said I was tough on CRIME..." !!! (26:54)


She wants to BLOCK and legislate from the bench. 


She is running like she is a legislature and not a judge.


Kloppenberg stumbles, and then scrambles: She wants to be on the court to "Decide the law"?  Oops.  (2:30 to end)


She wants to be partial!


She was showing her hyper-partisan by protesting in Madison instead of staying neutral. 


She wants to be able to make up law while on the bench and when Mr. Merryfield asked her to stop or at lease denounce the slanderous ad re-victimizing him and his brother, she refused.  This was even after he sent a letter to her.  This goes to the core of who she is and what she represents!


Please, don’t take my word for it, hear and see it for yourself.


Justice Prosser asks Kloppenburg to denounce slander, she refuses.  (23:18)




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