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Illegal Alberta Darling Recalling Circulator?


Who may circulate recall petitions?


Any U.S. citizen, age 18 years or older and not disqualified from voting under the impediments listed in §6.03 Wis. Stats., may circulate recall petitions.


Circulator -a qualified elector who circulates a petition. (A circulator is not required to be a resident of the jurisdiction or district subject to recall.)


From Patch reporter Sara Conrad on the picture showing an underage recall circulator:


“It was taken on March 8th approximately 5pm outside of the Walgreens in Shorewood on Oakland Ave


Whoa, guys!


I'm not trying to toss around a bunch of rumors or lies.




 No way.


As much as I am against the recall effort personally, I would never stain my reputation with tabloid like mistruths.


I saw (& snapped a pic....send me your email & I'll send you it if you'd like additional proof) of two children (under 16 years old I would where near 18 for sure) who were outside of the Walgreens in Shorewood on March 8th around 5pm.


They asked me as I left if I would sign the recall petition for Darling. I told them I actually supported the governor and Senator Darling & they laughed at me.


I went to my car, more shocked that kids would laugh at an adult's opinion like that.....then I thought....wait a minute.  Can children collect signatures? 


I honestly didn't know.


I later found the rules posted by the Recall Darling effort where it says that the collectors must be adults and confirmed such via an election commission board member.


As a "journalist" I would never report (or comment is such the case) on speculation or hearsay.”


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