The Food / Health Connection

Not too long ago I took a member of my family to a Doctor's appointment.  She was having some issues that required a specialist.  She had two appointments that day with a few hours in-between them.  Her Specialist, while writing out a  prescription  for her, suggested we go to Culvers for lunch while waiting for the next appointment.  He also recommended which meals he thought were the "best". I can tell you that none of these choices had anything "green" on or in them.  I was baffled by this for a couple of reasons but mostly that he had her health history right in front of him. He could see she was already on medication for high blood pressure.  The fact that our health care professionals close their eyes to the damages of eating foods that are void of the  nutrients our bodies depend on and are filled instead with taste enhancing toxins is alarming to me.

Part of the problem may be that many health care physicians do not receive a background in nutrition.  In turn they do not see the connection between food and health.  Doctors are trained in treating symptoms and managing pain with drugs and surgical procedures. I do not believe that the specialist my family member was seeing meant any harm. And believe me, if I ever get hit by a car out on one of my runs, I want to be rushed to the emergency room.  I want the skilled staff caring for me to know that I do have faith in them and the skills they have. I believe that Doctors and Nurses do everything they know possible to save us. It is true that advances in medicine and surgery have saved millions of lives. But we can do better by combining nutrition and conventional medicine to help ease pain and suffering.

The sad fact though is this year 35% of all deaths in America are due to cardiovascular disease.  One in four deaths are from cancer.  70% of American women are suffering from things like chronic fatigue, PMS, fibromyalgia and ADD.  And that ladies and gentlemen is all before even considering obesity and the many negative effects of that. 

Many people are not interested in talking about dietary changes.  They believe quick fix meals and fast food are just part of a busy life and have no bearing on our health.  Most people would rather take a pill for a quick fix rather than look at what they are putting into their bodies. Many times prescription drugs cause more harm than good and many of those times natural treatments and raw whole foods can accomplish much more for healing our bodies and for far less money.

And just what are we putting in our out of balance bodies? For quite some time chemicals, preservatives and food colorings have been added to our food.  The additives are there to disguise the fact that you are eating processed foods with little of the nutrients we need.  Food additives such as MSG's are added for longer shelf life which helps increase the profits of the manufactures.  Good for them, bad for you. Since the 1940's when foods just started becoming processed, the consumption of fruits and vegetables has declined at an alarming amount while processed foods and sugar has increased four fold.  Food additives are in almost all packaged foods.  As a country we continue to get sicker.  It is hard to ignore the connection between our diet and our health.  We are what we eat.  Eating fresh, raw whole foods is the best way to get the maximum nutrition for your body.

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