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Teachers and Teaching

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I personally don’t know any bad teachers.  I was lucky when I was a student growing up to have teachers who engaged and cared about me and the other students.  Even my third grade teacher in MPS who told me that left-handed people were not as smart and at a disadvantage in life.  She made me switch from being left handed to right-handed.


It wasn’t until college at UW-Milwaukee did I finally see a professor who didn’t care and a T/A who didn’t get along with a professor or a T/A who couldn’t speak English as well as he could write English.


My daughter’s teacher is awesome.


In all of my postings, I have never said things bad about the teachers personally.  The unions and the benefits packages and some of their actions to walkouts, you bet!


Now to the notion of teachers are going to leave in droves now that collecting barraging privileges have changed.  That is nonsense!!!  That is poppycock!!!!


It will not happen and here is why.


We might see some teachers just decide that these changes are too much and will retire.  I don’t think that will be many, but these are the teachers close to retirement and they are making a choice to leave or stay.


The remaining teachers left will be the teachers that care and want to be in school educating and making a difference in students’ lives.


I foresee the people whose career path is to become a teacher will be doing it for the right reasons and have the passion.  I have never known a teacher who went into that profession just because they would get the summers off.  I am sure some people have, but I think they would be in the minority. 


The next logical step is - Merit pay and bonus are coming to reward those that are good.


Let’s now discus the shared revenue 


Walker has given them the “tools” to be able to adjust the teacher’s benefits and those saving will offset the cost decreasing along with being able to drop the mandatory WEAC health insurance, but if the school districts don’t layoffs and program cuts will happen.


What else could they do?  Stop the practice that to be a coach, you have to be a teacher.


Here is a radical idea, allow parents that can help out and want to help volunteer in the schools doing various things, crossing guards, teacher aids, lunch room, playground and so on. 


Remember those cities that have raced through their contract extensions, those cities will have their hands tied and program cuts will be the only thing they can do.


Governor Walker has put in a cap to the amount of taxes communities can raise taxes.  This was done to prevent the school districts/boards the common councils from just raise taxes to make up the difference.


The school districts can still do an end around by going to the public in a referendum. 


Remember the cuts don’t have to be programs; they can and should be to the benefits packages.


Going after the school programs is just going after the low hanging fruit and demand the school districts do what is right, not what is easy! 

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