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Remembering What it was Like to be a 6th Grader

I recently had the opportunity to spend an evening with a group of 6th graders.  Lincoln School had their overnight, outdoor adventure 6th grade trip to Camp MacLean in Burlington. (http://www.campmaclean.com/)  I spent the night as an assistant for my son and to help mix his vitamin therapy at night and in the morning.

For as much as times have changed, they still remain the same in many instances.  From my limited time at the Camp, I thought the kids were well behaved. You could tell that they felt that they were on the top of the world as 6th graders.  I obviously stayed in a boys cabin. Boys up making strange bodily sounds and laughing about for over an hour,  Boys ripping on each other in good natured ways, nothing got personal.  Boys knocking on the girls cabin windows at night and early in the morning and I am sure that some of the girls returned the favor. Snow ball fights.

It was good to see each kid willing to chip in during meal times and helping each other out.  When I arrived, the first thing I was told by more than one kid was that Tyler completed the 20 foot tall rope bridge, it made me feel proud that he was able to acomplish this.  As of this writing, I am not sure about my daughter, they broke into groups and she was scheduled on Tuesday. When I left after breakfast, it was beginning to rain and sleet, so I am not sure if they even went up. I know Madisyn did tell me at breakfast that she went on the 6 AM hike.

I want to thank everybody who made this event possible.  The 6th grade teachers, Mr Capstran and Mrs Stark, Phy Ed teacher Mr Menken were all very active with the groups of kids.  Special Ed teachers Mrs Wirsching and Ms Pesch along with aide Ms Homar provided assistance to Tyler and another student.  I also saw Principal Ebbers, if I missed anybody, I apologize.

I especially want to thank the students for their help and including Tyler in each activity.  It really means a lot to him to be included with his peers. As I have said, because of the inclusive edvironment at Lincoln, the kids have gotten to know Tyler and I would trust dropping him off on the playground and I know that he would make it to class.

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