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Have You Seen the Sticky Note Campaign in Action?

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I can tell you I’ve seen sticky notes on gas pumps in Cudahy and South Milwaukee a few times.  Must be Vicki listeners!


Sticky Note Campaign Targets Gas, President



Rising gas prices have frustrated drivers across Wisconsin.


On Friday, the average price for a gallon of regular in Milwaukee was $4.06, according to AAA.  The price was up 2 cents from Thursday and 9 cents from a week ago.


Now some consumers have put their anger over gas prices in writing.


Sticky pad notes have given frustrated drivers a new voice.


The notes have turned up stuck to gas pumps in various parts of the country.


The majority of the notes blame President Obama's policies for the price hike, using the term "no-bama 2012" and playing off the President's hope and change slogan.


The campaign hasn't showed up in the Milwaukee area, but photos online showed the notes at several gas stations in the Madison area.


On a stop in Wisconsin Friday, Sen. Ron Johnson said the U.S. is printing money to pay for its debt.  He said this could trigger inflation and raising prices for things like gold, food and oil.  As for oil, Johnson said it is time to look at new options.


"I think we should be safely and environmentally sensibly exploring more in the Gulf and utilizing the resources in the Gulf and in Alaska.  They want us to drill up there," said Johnson.


In a statement, Congresswoman Gwen Moore's camp pointed the finger at the oil industry and big profits.


The statement said, "it's time to cut $4 billion in tax cuts for an industry showing record profits."


Moore's spokesman, David Frey, said that money that be put back into the economy.


Republicans have said without the tax breaks, the cost of production of oil and gas prices would rise even further.


Meanwhile the president announced that a Justice Department task force that will probe whether speculators and traders are to blame for the high prices.



As Gas Prices Rise, Obama’s Popularity Falls


The gas price currently is $3.88 per gallon on average, after having increased 26 percent this year.  A poll now shows that those who are strongly affected by the high gas prices report a higher discontent of President Obama.


The approval rating of the president’s job among people who suffer hardship due to the rising prices is 13 points lower than average.  Only 39 percent of those facing "serious" hardship approve with Obama’s job.


53 percent of them are not going to vote for Obama in 2012 due to the high gas prices.




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