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Liberal Heads Exploding

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Hear that pop, pop sound?


Well my favorite liberal blogger took the bait and man did his head explode.  He took issue that I “Cut & Pasted” all those facts and polling data about are we better off with Obama and NO we are not, but not once could he or would he refute them.




Again, NOT ONCE!


I normally would say that is odd, but NO it is expected.


No, wait, he does try his best to bait me on one of them, but I will not have any of that.


Instead he takes issue with Reagan again.  He doesn’t refute trickle down at all.  I guess he realizes it works.


He might even be the one on his blog that makes the comment that “Evidence is overrated”, but I cannot say for sure with the collective mind of liberals they speak with one voice and it is hard to know which one says what without looking at the names.


Then he tosses in that he authored the post, but if you look at the blog it is 90% cut and paste jobs, mainly recycled from other left blogs or straight out off the huff. 


He says he is giving me a smack down or was it smackdown!  (Maybe he is watching too much WWE or RAW Wrestling, probably thinks they are real matches or he is a fan of Glen Beck)


Hmm, smack down -

Refers to any confrontation or fight (whether it is physical or not).

The factually accurate and brutally delivered written or verbal retort due to all smactivists


Email Jay Weber about this blogger and his original authoring skills!


I don’t even have to give his name, just ask Jay about the one that took issue with his list and then copied the format and list and how Jay took it to him on doing his own work.


I am having fun learning and using the left’s rules on them.  I can tell you from the emails and my responses back and then their replies are fascinating.


I love giving them the rule number and what it means, drives them crazy.  To all my right friends make sure you do and watch their heads pop and watch them not sure what to do!


It is so true, they don’t like their rules used on them!


Had, yes had, a liberal friend on facebook that on Good Friday posted his message on facebook of “Happy Earth Day” and then a few minutes later he posts, “Oh yeah and it is Good Friday”.  This wouldn’t have been a big issue, but this is from a so called religious catholic left liberal.  He tells me that it is more important that it is Earth Day then Good Friday.  Then he deletes me.





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