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Setting Something Straight About the Birthers


There is all of this talk about Obama’s Birth Certificate.  I can say I never understood the “Birthers” and all of the talk about if he was a U.S. citizen.  I thought he was born in Hawaii, but lets take a step back since a bunch of those on the left forget how this all started.


It was Hillary Clinton during the 2008 Presidential Primary that questioned it!  If he wasn’t a U.S. Citizen, Hillary and McCain would have used it then.


Also, it is intellectually dishonest to say “Birthers” are Tea Partiers or for that matter Conservatives, but hey don’t let the facts and truth stop you!


Why didn’t Obama just release it sooner?  Who knows, that is Obama!


And yes I have received emails and heard about it being doctored.  I heard about the race being filled in as a politically correct word not used during that time instead of the word of the time, I have heard about the multiple digital layers, the “D” isn’t correct, the doctor’s name has a funny loop, maybe it didn’t have the father’s name entered or correct, and so on. 


Give it a rest!


David (he is an independent and doesn’t think we landed on the moon) if you feel that strongly, yes, find someone born at that hospital the same day or so and compare to your heart’s content and check to see if the doctor have credentials at that hospital.


But can the rest of us just move on and leave people like David with tinfoil hats to runaround going beep beep I’m radar!

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