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Referendum on Governor Walker and His Policies?

Scott Walker, Wisconsin, Union

I am getting so tired of hearing that every election is a “referendum” on Walker and his policies.  I can see the left and public sector union party “PUP” claiming that the Wisconsin State Supreme Court election with David Prosser was.


Okay, the secret is out........................ Prosser Won!!!!!!


Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh................. .......


Don't tell Lois Lane, please!!!!!


Ok, I'm just being silly........................... ....


There is an old saying about elections:


A third of the voters always vote for the incumbent and a third never vote for the incumbent.  The winner goes after the last third and he only needs half of them plus one!


Elected officials routinely are judged based on the extent to which their campaign promises meet the expectations of action on the campaign promises.


So the premise was, if the people elected Kloppenburg it was a “referendum” on Governor Walker and his policies and show how the people are against them.  And if Prosser is out, you can thank Walker for that.  If I were Prosser that's who I'd blame.


Suspicious thoughts are common but error-prone!


Even a diamond has flaws - Instead of doing what is best for Scott Walker, Republicans and Conservatives, Governor Walker did what is best for Wisconsin and the taxpayers!


Does Prosser now thank Walker?


But to turn the question on its head - So if it was a “referendum” on Walker and Prosser won like he in fact did, what does that say about Walker and his policies?


That's fine, as long as you hold the same thought to the other outcome and the same standard.


Smoke screen alert...


According to the left, NO!  Prosser was going to win hands down and it was only a “referendum” on Walker and his polices if Kloppenburg won, but not if Prosser won!


Typical liberal left hypocrisy!  I am SHOCKED!  Shocked I tell you!


If your definition and your premise are wrong, your conclusions that follow have to be.  Thus, your logic and reasoning are as well.


I was told that now for the next 4 years every election IS a “referendum” on Walker!


No they are not.  The “referendum” was Prosser!


Get over it and move on!


"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret.”

- VNV Nation


If the left gets enough signatures in January to recall Governor Walker, that will be a “referendum” on him and his policies.


The November 2014 Governor’s race will be a “referendum” of him and his policies, but the left wants to paint the picture in desperation that if a Republican loses an election they can clamor, “See, see this is a ‘referendum’ on Walker and his policies!” 


There is a lynch mob mentality out there, with the flames being fed by the public sector union leaders!


Stay tuned as we continue our saga of ‘As the world turns, literally'.

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