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Guest Blog By Amy L. Geiger-Hemmer - Kloppenburg disenfranchises nuns?

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Oh, those evil nuns in Sauk County!


Seems the sisters, who have taken vows of silence and spend their days making communion wafers, are known to vote by absentee ballot in every election.  The ballots are dropped off during each voting cycle by the town clerk, the nuns select their candidates, and the same town clerk then picks them up in a sealed envelope.


There are 18 nuns living this life of peace and quiet at the Lady of Our Valley Monastery.


Well, seems the Kloppenburg team noticed that the nuns absentee ballots didn't have witness signatures on them.  (Keep in mind that although there are rules on the books dictating that every absentee ballot have a signature from a witness, it is questionable as to whether or not such enforcement - from the Government Accountability Board -  always occurs.)  However, in this case, the Kloppenburg team insisted that the ballots be discounted.  And they succeeded - for the time being.


The canvas board and the town clerk who works with the nuns were disturbed by the unbelievable and distrusting manner in which the Kloppenburg team insisted on disenfranchising the nuns.  After all, anyone think that these nuns belong to  or ACORN?  Were they going out and passing out cigarettes in an effort to get people to vote for their candidate?  slashing tires of the opposing party so they cannot get to the polls? Falsifying information on their own ballots?  Voting twice?  (maybe there are only 9 nuns in the Monastery instead of the 18 mentioned!).  Ridiculous.


The town clerk was adamant that she collected the ballots from the nuns the way she always does.  She stated that their votes were legitimate and should be allowed.  However, the Kloppenburg lawyers prevailed and the canvas board relented, tossing out the ballots.


By the way, 4 ballots were for Kloppenburg, while 14 went to Prosser.


The canvas board has appealed the decision to not allow the nun's votes.


Many seem to feel, and I agree, that the Kloppenburg camp is nitpicking small discrepancies in an effort to make them bigger ones.  When the final tallies come in  - once again showing Joanne Kloppenburg lost - the lawyers for Kloppenburg will then take the matter to court.  The goal - to hold up seating elected Supreme Court Justice David Prosser and keep him from voting on the budget repair bill and other important legislation that may be presented.


Can the Kloppenburg camp sink any lower?  Nuns?  Sure hope Archbishop Jerome Listecki dotted all his i's and crossed all his t's on his ballot...


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