Time to remove the clutter: Donate or host a Rummage Sale?

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     It’s the time of the year where we get that need to open the windows and let in fresh air. With spring comes the energy and drive to get things done, and for me it means cleaning out my closets and that area in the basement where things get piled up all winter long. You know the place, the “I’ll find something to do with it " or “I might need that someday “collection you have been growing all winter, or maybe even longer.   If you are like me, I need to get the excess and clutter out of my house. 

      There are many ways to clear out these items that you no longer need or use, including furniture, pictures and decorations that no longer work in a newly painted room, or those gently used clothing articles that no longer fit.  I don’t believe in throwing out anything that can be used by someone else, and I don’t like to keep things I’m no longer in need of.  Once I’ve gathered up these items its time to find what to do with them. If there are expensive items, such as major electronics I might place an ad or ask around to see if anyone’s interested in purchasing what I’m selling.  When I have several items that I am in need of clearing out of my home I have a few different options.  There are Social Service Organizations that need your gently used items as well as food, monetary donations and those that can volunteer their time and services to help.  These types of donations are tax deductable and will allow you to do something to help out people in your own community. Nothing makes me feel better than helping out someone in need. Sometimes we tend to forget that even a small gesture can be something of great need and value to someone less fortunate.

     In South Milwaukee we have Human Concerns, located at 1029 Milwaukee Ave.  Human Concerns is the only Social Service Organization in the City Of South Milwaukee.  They provide emergency services to the resident’s of South Milwaukee. Many families are having a tough time providing food and other items such as clothing or furniture to their children and some of our elderly neighbors have to choose between medication and food.  Please contact Human Concerns to see if they need or except your items before bringing them in. I donate to Human Concerns several times a year, it’s a great way to help our community - please consider donating anything you may no longer have a need for by calling them at (414)764-5340. You may mail any donations of cash or gift certificates so they can purchase items needed to supply those in need to Human Concerns PO  Box 314 South Milwaukee, WI 53172.

     There is also a great need for your donated items at any Goodwill store where these items will be used to train and educate people locally. Goodwill Industries International enhances the dignity and quality of life of individuals, families and communities by eliminating barriers to opportunity and helping people in need reach their fullest potential through the power of work.  To see how Goodwill uses these funds from sales of your donated items visit their website at http://www.goodwill.org/about-us/our-mission/. Again these donations are tax deductable; make sure you get a tax slip after unloading your items at the donation center.  Our local Goodwill store is at 6941 S. 27th Street (Behind Gander Mountain) Franklin, WI 53132 and the contact number is 414-304-1262.

    Another place that I have made donations of my household items is at my local church.  Many churches provide emergency services and food pantries for their church patrons as well as our own neighbors here in town. They also raise money by having an annual Church Rummage Sale; check your church bulletin to see if your church participates in this activity. You can help out the church with your donations.  

     Another great way to rid your home of excess items and put some change in your pocket is to host a Rummage Sale. Rummage Sales do take some planning and time but can be a rewarding way to organize your home and even save up to purchase something new you’ve wanted to get for yourself or home. When my children were younger, this was a great way to get them to clean out their closets and toy boxes.  They were always excited to clean if it meant they might make a few dollars selling some old, unused or outgrown toys.  If you don’t have enough items for a sale ask around. You can get a few friends together and have one sale with combined items. This way everyone can have a turn or a “shift“ at selling or watching the sale, giving each person a break from sitting in the garage all day long.

     A great way to get a large amount of traffic to your rummage sale is to have a block or neighborhood rummage sale.  These types of group sales will bring larger amount of sale attendees to the area, and it has an added benefit. If everyone that agrees to participate kicks in to the cost of the advertisement, the cost will be a very minimum amount and won’t cut into your profits. Your local newspaper will have a section for posting your sale information and its normally (depending on size) not that expensive.   For information on posting a local add in the Community Now papers contact CNI Classified Advertising at (414) 224-2800. The Journal Sentinel Online has information and the ability to create your own advertisement on your computer. The prices are reasonable and again you have the option to post it online, in print (newspaper) or both. Prices start at $ 14.95 for the following package and vary depending on length of ad, size etc. For $14.95 you get both JS online and 4 lines in 2 Community newspapers.

  • 7 days on JSOnline.com
  • 4 lines for 1 week in 2 Community Newspapers
  • 1 online photo
  • 750 words of expanded online text
  • Inclusion on the online rummage sale map

Go to the JSOnline site where it explains how to create an advertisement for your sale as well as the various prices and contact information.



     Some great ways to cut your costs and advertise would be to use free sites such as Craig’s List where you can also take pictures of the big ticket items and add descriptions of the items so potential buyers see what you’re selling.  Craig’s list is free to use for posting your sale info  http://milwaukee.craigslist.org/gms/.   Another way to post your sale for free is to use Facebook to spread the word.  How many friends do you have on Facebook? Tell them all about your upcoming sale. They will tell a few friends and so on … before you know it the word will be out. Post photos of items, and add descriptions.  There is also a facebook page  for the Milwaukee area where you can post your sale for free. I looked into it and many people are using this to look for local sales and post their information on upcoming sales in our area, it’s called Milwaukee Rummage http://www.facebook.com/pages/Milwaukee-Rummage-Sales/90211074280.

Besides using Criags List to advertise your sale for free I found a few other websites where you can search for local sales as well as post your Rummage sale for free.

Wisconsin Rummages http://www.wisrummages.com/

Garage Sales http://gsalr.com/garage-sales-milwaukee-wi.html  This is also an App for your smart phone , complete with address, map location and information.

   The best way to create signs and advertisements for your sale is to pay a visit to your local Dollar Store. Here in town we have a good on South Chicago and Drexel avenues next to the Aldis grocery store and Little Cesar’s pizza. They have the Garage Sale signs and even the sale stickers-making pricing items quick and easy. They sell a variety or poster boards and markers as well as banners, flags and balloons. There’s no need to spend more than needed to post your sale in the papers or online. With a little thought and preparation you can make your sale a success. When the sale is over, please consider donating all items left to your local Shelter, Social Services, Church or Goodwill store.  Good luck!

   A friend of mine is having a Garage Sale at her home next week Thursday and Friday. The address is 9150 Patricia in Oak Creek Wi. The sale will be Thursday May 19th and Friday May 20th from 9am to 5 pm both days. There is a large amount of sporting goods items, children’s and adult’s skates, helmets for bikes and baseball, household items and much more. Also there are two older Arcade games that work great for sale and a large amount of women’s clothing.  If you need directions heres a link to Map Quest.  http://www.mapquest.com/ 

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week, and hang in there, warmer weather is around the corner!

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