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Photo/Picture IDs Required

Voter ID, Photo ID

What are a quick few things that require a photo ID in Wisconsin?




A current valid photo ID


Federal regulation of pseudoephedrine


Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005, which was passed as an amendment to the Patriot Act renewal and included wider and more comprehensive restrictions on the sale of pseudoephedrine containing products.  This law requires customer signature of a "log-book" and presentation of valid photo ID to purchase of pseudoephedrine (PSE) containing products from all retailers.


Additionally, pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens also require photo ID and log-book signatures for sales of PSE containing products in compliance with Federal law.


Milwaukee County Parks



Hunger Task Force

Qualifying residents must bring a photo ID and proof of address to their first pickup


Cudahy Family Library


Adult patrons will be asked to present a photo identification to check out materials if library staff are unsure about their identity.



Milwaukee County Library Requirement


For your protection and to safeguard the library collection, the library requires a photo on record at the checkout desk.  If you choose not to have a photo taken, you will be asked to show a photo ID.


Burlington Public Library


State issued photo ID with current address is required when applying for you library card



Dane County Library


Dane County Library Service library cards are issued to residents of municipalities that do not have their own public library.  You can apply for a free card on the Bookmobile by filling out an application form (available in English or Spanish) and showing a photo I.D. with your current address.  If your photo I.D. does not have your current address, bring other proof of residence (checks, an official bill mailed to you and postmarked within the last month, a rental agreement, etc.)  Application forms are available on the Bookmobile or can be downloaded (you must have Adobe Acrobat installed) and printed out (see below).  Complete the form and bring it, along with your I.D., to your Bookmobile stop.


Free and sliding fee medical services for the uninsured and underinsur​ed residents of Milwaukee County


Photo ID and proof of income are required



Purchase & Selling Alcohol


Wisconsin residents must show either a valid Wisconsin driver's license with a photo or a valid Wisconsin identification card.





State Requirements for Voter ID



States that Request or Require Photo ID











South Carolina***

South Dakota



States that Require ID (Photo not Required)   











North Dakota











* The Kansas law takes effect January 1, 2012.


** The Oklahoma law takes effect July 1, 2011.  There are some who prefer to call Oklahoma a photo voter ID state, because most voters will show a photo ID before voting.  However, Oklahoma law also permits a voter registration card issued by the appropriate county elections board to serve as proof of identity in lieu of photo ID.


*** South Carolina's current voter ID law stays in effect.  The new photo voter ID requirement will take effect after receiving preclearance from the U.S. Department of Justice under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.




Supreme Court Upholds Indiana Law Requiring Photo ID to Vote


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