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I thought I might touch on the subject of RINOs & DINOs for those that may not truly understand what they are.


I know to many people, they clearly understand it, but even one of my good friends, who is upset with Scott Walker, wasn’t accurate in his statement of, “Scott Walker is a RINO” and this is a very intelligent guy who typical is on the ball and shows good logic.  Most of the time! 


Not exactly sure who told him Scott Walker was a RINO or if he just came up to that on his own.  Maybe a combination of both?  Who knows.


When emotions get the better part of you, logic typically goes out the window.  That is why liberals have such a hard time with logic, because they do things based on feelings and emotions.


So I thought if my friend didn’t understand RINOs maybe I should explain the concept.


What is a RINO?


RINO (Republican in name only) is someone who claims they are a Republican maybe to get elected and then votes or sides with the Democrats.  A republican who CONSISTENTLY espouses liberal ideas and values.


Now don’t mix this up with Moderates, since on most core values and voting, sides with the Republican, yet occasionally decides they will be a Maverick and go rouge and vote with the Democrats.  That was John McCain in the 2008 election.


Examples:  Wisconsin State Senator Dale Schultz or Senator Mary Panzer.


DINO (Democrat in name only) is the same just on the Democrats side. 


Example: Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark.  If he had an “R” after his name, in Milwaukee County he most likely wouldn’t get elected.

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