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I am a husband, father, son, brother, uncle and friend. I believe in sharing my talents and experiences by giving back to the community by giving my time to coaching, church and especially to the disability community. I truly believe that all men and women are created equally.

What Other People are Saying Part 1

Here are comments from other individuals in regards to Caps on Family Care

I have just begun working after my own 10 year hiatus due to disability. Without community support for my son, I'm afraid of what might happen.

6/2/11 9:37PM

Funding for long term support programs was just starting to reach people who've been on waiting lists for these important services. Please don't take that away from families!!!!  Delavin, WI

6/2/11 9:13PM

Our child is in the autism spectrum and without some sort of aid there would be no way we could afford the medication that assist her. Some medications are over $500 per month for just a 30 day supply and the cost of her seeing the phsyciatrist and counselors would not allow us to offer her these services. These aids are needed by families with children with disabilities both mental and physical. Thank you for listening.

6/2/11 8:33PM

I live with my son in West Milwaukee. Although he is still in elementary school, I and many other parents of children with disabilitites worry considerably about what his future will look like. While it's impossible to know what he will be like in ten years, most people affected by autism need help with employment and housing--many are unable to live independantly. To freeze long-term support funding is to remove these vital supports from today's children. We know that the number of children affected by autism is increasing at an alarming rate--who is going to help provide for them in the future? Who will help them when their parents are no longer able? Please consider the future of children like my son when making your decisions. Thank you.

6/2/11 8:30PM

I checked all of the above because one way or another at some point all of these will be a major issue.

6/2/11 8:27PM

My son needs constant supervision and help with structure/work. I need to work to survive. I can't imagine how we would get by not having any supports. Stoughton

6/2/11 8:05PM

My daughter is not high functioning and woudnt be able to get a job-w/out some kind of program. I would have to leave my job to be with her as she is not able to be on her own at all. We have no family living in the state and wouldn't have enough money to pay someone -my job is not that high payin -a job I do because it allows me the flexibility to be home before and after she goes to school.

6/2/11 7:52PM

Hello, We live in La Farge. My son is fortunate to have received Long Term Care, Adult Service type funding after being on a waiting list. I contemplated what his life would be without these services because he graduated before they were in place. He would be an adult child sitting at home, alone alot or with mom and dad, no job, no way to go anyplace other than on foot and we live 2.5 miles from the nearest town, isolated and disconnected from the community more than he's ever been in his life. What a failed promise of inclusion for someone who is about the same age as the ADA. He's been included all through public school, and to have it culminate with a nowhere future was an idea that kept me up at night. With his Adult Services funding, he employs several community members. He's raising food for the food pantry in a community garden. He volunteers at a couple of local sites. He spends money at the local grocery. And he is an asset to us more than ever now that he can pay us for rides to places and help our household economy. My only sadness is that we are so blessed while others will go with nothing- this is not social justice. Many of the Transition- aged young adults will learn to spend their days in front of a TV. The idea of work will be foreign to them. Many will lash out with frustrated, pent up behaviors. Many more will become quietly depressed. And all will be denied the right to become an adult on equal terms with their peers.

6/2/11 7:42PM

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