Why Proper Hydration?

As summer begins to roll in we start to hear more often about staying hydrated.  I find it interesting that it takes until summer to be reminded of this. Did you know that being dehydrated and consuming an acid forming diet lead to weight gain? One easy reason is that being dehydrated sends confusing messages to our brain. Many times we think we are hungry so we eat.  Also, if we do not get enough water we actually retain water. Some symptoms of dehydration are


*trouble focusing




*cold hands and feet



Besides this list obesity, cancer and heart disease are all connected with long term dehydration. It may sound shocking but let’s look at why this happens.

High levels of acid and lack of hydration work together to stall weight loss for us. Many foods that are part of our SAD diet, (Standard American Diet) along with  unhealthy lifestyle choices lead to an acid problem. Meat, dairy, breads and pastas, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs including prescription, coffee, processed and fast foods, sugar, artificial sweeteners, no exercise and stress are all choices that add to high acidic levels.

So, what happens to our bodies? Your body holds onto fat to protect you from the damages of acids. Some acids are eliminated by your bowels, through urine and the skin, but the remaining acids need to be neutralized to keep your body at a healthy pH level. When you are dehydrated, your body goes into fat storing mode. You need water to flush the toxins from your cells. When you are highly acidic or toxic, your body demands these toxins be diluted. This causes your body to retain water and store fat in an attempt to dilute the toxins. When your body is working hard to keep its pH balance in check, it is storing fat, building cholesterol plaque, stealing calcium from bones and magnesium form your heart all to protect you from the acid damages. Your fat is actually protecting your cells and your body is not going to give that up. Your body was built to survive. Every day we do not drink enough water and eat the wrong things you are compromising your health.

So how much water should we be drinking? Because your body is about 65 percent water, that means we are around 10 to 13 gallons of water. We should be drinking half our weight in ounces every day. If you are juicing with fresh vegetables and fruits, you can count that in with your daily water intake. I have written before about degenerative diseases not being able to survive in an alkaline environment. To stay healthy and lose weight we have to get away from the Standard American Diet and keep ourselves hydrated.  If you make a lifestyle of eating fresh, raw, organic life giving foods and keep yourself hydrated you will begin to see amazing results. Raw fruits and vegetables are healthiest for your body because of their alkaline-forming properties. They are life giving and help to restore health.

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