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I am a husband, father, son, brother, uncle and friend. I believe in sharing my talents and experiences by giving back to the community by giving my time to coaching, church and especially to the disability community. I truly believe that all men and women are created equally.

What People are Saying Part 2

I am the mama with a child with Intractable Epilepsy, Autism, Speech and Language deficits, Severe cognitive impairments, and Severe Sensory Integration Disorder. Right now my son still lives at home. The town where we live doesn't have the capabilities to help us or my son much less any other young adult with Autism. As my son gets older physically, he regresses mentally. He has 7 older sisters and brothers but they want nothing to do as far as caring for their brother and neither my husband nor myself have any family to care for my son. This means I have to find somewhere and something for my son BEFORE my husband and I die. Without any long term assistance programs available my greatest fear is that my son will end up locked away somewhere where nobody will love and care for him and help him to be a contributing member of society, such as it is!!! With all the assistance programs being eliminated who will care for Americans like my son and those like him?? Certainly not some rich fat-cat senator of governor!!!! Is this right? Is this fair? The answer is most definitely NO!!!!! Oconto, Wisconsin

6/2/11 7:27PM

Taking away the funding for these programs will cause long term financial and hardship on my family. I would have to quit my job to stay home and take care of my child. I would have to choose between paying bills or buying food and basic personal items.

6/2/11 7:17PM

My son has significant needs both medically and socially. I t will be very stressfull for our family financially and I would have to stay home to take care of him because he needs 24 hour care due to epilepsy and autism. He also has a sleep disorder and gets up most every night for about an hour and needs supervision to keep safe. He needs activity and challenges during the day which do help him fall asleep better and be better behaviorly. Do not please do not freeze this funding, there are so many families like mine with so many needs for their sons or daughters. We are getting older and they are getting bigger and stronger making it difficult to care for them. I don't want it to go back to institutions again, that was barbaric!

6/2/11 7:03PM

My son will require a job coach to help him learn a job and keep a job. His autism keeps him from understanding social graces, social skills and a gross learning disability in reading/verbal comprehension.

6/2/11 6:35PM

It doesn't matter where the child falls on the autism spectrum, they will always need help through out their entire life.

6/2/11 6:29PM

My adult children are not disabled. They have gone to college and now have careers and their adult lives. I enjoy being a parent of an adult child and look forward to the day when I'm a grandparent. I work with parents who will not have that experience. They will be 24/7 caretakers for a long time, perhaps forever. Some of them will be caretakers for their children and for their parents who don't want to or need to go to a skilled nursing home. Imagine yourself as one of those parents! Familycare was designed to be an efficient way of better managing the needs of the elderly and disabled. There is certainly room for improvement on the efficiency part. Creating a waiting list is not a solution.

6/2/11 6:11PM

I am already a struggling single mother on disability due to caring for my daughter who has Cerebral Palsy, Cognative delays, and Search ResultsChildren With Oppositional Defiant Disorder. I care for her alone in a very small village with limited resources for respite now. I am already up at night worried about our future. Without adult funding and programs, she will end up in a long term care facility and I will most likely end up with a second heart attack or stroke due to the stress involved. I would love to represent other parents in my position now.

6/2/11 5:30PM

My son will graduate high school in 2013. He needs a daily routine to manage his anxiety and asperger's. His emotional needs are on top of his physical needs as he needs to use a wheelchair, cannot be left alone, and needs total personal care all day. We are financially strapped just managing to enroll him in a half day teen support program for the summers. There is no way we could afford this help year around without long term care support. from Black Creek Wisconsin

6/2/11 5:18PM

Please consider the added stress and hardships trying to care for a disabled adult brings. I can not imagine people trying to do this with no additional help from the government. We already do not receive any assistance from our insurance company. There has been a huge growth in kids being diagnosed with developemental disabilities with the potential of no one being there to assist them with employment, a residence or medical care as they age. This has to be addressed with the best care in mind for our children!!!!

6/2/11 5:12PM

I would be very concerned that my son would be able to find work. It would effect our family and cause undue stress. We live in Kenosha, WI.

6/2/11 5:11PM

My disabled son lives in a low-income apartment Markesan, WI and works at a County operated work shelter in Berlin, WI. I'm already doing much of his support myself. I clean his apartment and manage his bank account and shop for bargains so he can make ends meet. I have a disabled son at home as well who requires care that prevents me from holding down a job. Keeping these two functioning in society is my job, to remove what little services we receive would be an added burden, however I do see the need to make cuts. I would hope legislators would consider reduction of services, rather than elimination of services.

6/2/11 5:04PM

I really hope that the Joint Finance Committee of Wisconsin reconsiders this as a way to save money. Our family is disappointed in this decision and would like to know if anyone on the committee has a child with a severe disability to know firsthand how this would affect the child and the family?  (Wheatland, WI 53105)

6/2/11 4:58PM

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