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Guest blog by Samual Rawmone - Why Public Sector Unions Must be Dissolved

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Reposted with permission from Samual Rawmone and more to come.


Conservatives and libertarians are often portrayed as racists or radicals.  Well, this is not true unless the founding of this country—and morality—is based off of racism or radicalism.  Because it is fact that man is entitled to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness (and nothing else).  Liberalism is the leading opposition to this belief.


If one looks into the depths of history, it is plain to tell that every time a government grows too powerful, even with the best of intentions, tyranny ensues.  This is why free men should oppose an encroaching government; from blatant acts of tyranny to seemingly benign laws allegedly designed to protect oneself—such as dietary laws which take away the individual’s right to choice—to also seemingly benign incompetent programs which allegedly help the needy.  The only job of the government is to protect the rights of the individual from other men and to provide an environment in which the individual can thrive, not to provide for the individual or protect the individual from his or her own decisions.


It is up to the individual to decide how to use his earned wealth, not the government.  Therefore, social programs, which punish production while subsidizing incompetence, are immoral.  If the individual cares enough to help his neighbor, it is up to him to do it; if he doesn’t, though personally others may see him how they wish, it is not up to other individuals to force him to help others—that would be lootery.  Furthermore, nothing can be a “right” if it violates other individual’s rights to life, liberty, property or pursuit of happiness.


Capitalism, despite its flaws, is the best economic system in a fallen world.  It is the only system which allows the individual the right to his life, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness.  Capitalism accompanied by a small, efficient republican government allows the individual to prosper and protects his or her rights.  America was the first country to truly incorporate such a system effectively, thus making them the best superpower in man’s history.


Metaphysically, there is an objective reality independent of man’s consciousness—it is the job of the mind to perceive this reality, not to create it.  In terms of ethics, there is a God, Christianity is true and real and, therefore, ethics—thou shall not murder, thou shall not steal, etc.—are part of such an objective reality; such ethics protect the rights of the individual and help a person thrive.


Those who believe that what another has earned is truly theirs and it is the job of the government to take another’s property, provide for them and protect them from everything; those who would destroy a farmer’s means of producing food out of envy and then demand more food; those who would demand that others provide for them when they are perfectly capable of providing for themselves are living in immorality and opposed to their own rights as well as their neighbors.  Those who preach selflessness as a means to gain power; those who victimize another individual to justify lootery for their gain; those who would subsidize incompetence and assault production—those people would be liberal politicians.  These type of people—liberal politicians and the second-handers they create—are the cause of many problems in society.


In short: God has redeemed the human race to have the rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness and no other rights; it is the job of the government to protect an individual’s rights from others and to provide the environment for the individual to thrive; no man has the right to what another individual has earned, which would be theft; rights are not at the expense of another individual; there is an objective reality and objective ethics.


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