A Few Tips for the Meat Eaters

As a vegetarian, I often talk about the health benefits of a diet that rejects our animal based and processed foods mainstream diet.  I truly believe that degenerative diseases can be controlled or even reversed by following a fresh, raw, plant based diet.  When food are stripped of their original package by overheating and oxidation, they become nutrient draining to our bodies.  Our bodies are robbed of the nutrients and enzymes we need to break down these foods. 

"Let food be thy medicine" Hippocrates 431B.C.

Hippocrates believed in foods as a natural cure.  We should take him seriously.

I do however understand that many people are not ready to completely give up eating meat.  For those who wish to continue with a diet that consists of meat, I have found some information that sounds reasonable and not too drastic.  I understand a complete transformation with food is not easy.  This information comes from a book called "Foods That Heal" by Dr. Bernard Jensen. 

Dr Bernard Jensen writes that those who eat meat must be very careful these days because of the chemicals and cancer-causing hormones that are used in livestock feed.  He suggests always getting the young meat and using more chicken and fish than red meat.  He also states that if you have access to wild game such as venison, wild turkeys, duck and so forth to use that.  (This should make my hunting friends and family happy to hear.) Wild game has a much more varied diet and is more nutritious. 

Dr Bernard Jensen also recommends choosing meat that is lean and to avoid fatty meats.  When we cook fatty meats, the lecithin is destroyed but the cholesterol remains.  Lecithin is needed to keep cholesterol in liquid form in your bloodstream.  Absence of lecithin in fatty meats contributes to fat deposits on artery walls. 

Fish has oils that helps reduce the risk of heart disease.  When you select your fish, pick fish with fins, scales and white meat such as trout, sea bass, halibut, red snapper, and black bass.  Salmon which is pink or red is also highly nutritious.

In order to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, Dr Bernard Jensen writes that all meat, poultry, and fish should never be fried. Always broiled, roasted or baked. 

A reminder to all grill masters out there though that baking, broiling, grilling or steaming foods too long limits the body's ability to process them efficiently.  Please be mindful to how long you leave your food on the fire.  Also, microwaved leftovers lose close to 100 percent of their nutritional value. Of course I have many more reasons why I believe you should never use the microwave oven, but I will leave that for another blog.


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