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A Moment Of Clarity

Culture, Public Sector Unions, Wisconsin, Scott Walker

Here is text banter between me and one of my liberal public sector union friends.  (Yes, I know for the most part that is redundant - liberal public sector union)


My comments are in blue.


I was so dismayed when we didn’t win the Supreme Court race.  It was taken from us like the 2000 and 2004 elections.


Speak for yourself, there is no “we” here.  It is just you and I texting back and forth.  Anyways, my side won fair and square.


You just don’t get it!  Someone has to block Scott Walker and the Republicans.  We cannot have them doing whatever they want.


Again, stop with the “we” talk.  I think your union and Obama speak are showing.  Why is it now wrong and with your side and Doyle it was okay?


Your side is just wrong and my side cares about the workers.


I get it.  Say no more.  That old tired line.


Now all we need to do is win 3 of the recall races and we can block Walker and the Repubs.


Again, who is the “We”?  Do you have a pet mouse with you?  So you like gridlock?  That is what you will have.


Call it what you want!  As long as Walker is stopped I don’t care. Anyways we call it forced compromise.


Who is this “We”?  I keep asking you about it.  Odd just a few months ago you told me that the Repubs are screwing up things for Obama now that they control the House and it was gridlock.


Just shut up.  That was different and you are missing my point.  It might be you are incapable of understanding how bad this is for the unions.  When we were talking about this yesterday all of us said no matter what the unions stays strong.


We didn’t talk yesterday!


Not you, at my work.


I know that.  I thought that is what you meant with the “We”. I just felt the need to draw your attention to it. Yes the union and Obama speak, “Yes We can! 


Just shut the f up.  You cannot understand.  This is beyond your tiny comprehension of what is at stake.


No, I get it.  The collective is calling.  See any cubes?  Who cares about the workers and taxpayers as long as the union lives on.  I expected as much from a union steward.


I feel like I am repeating myself.  Your tiny brain cannot understand this.  You are not in a union.  You don’t see the facts that come my way in the memos.


Like to share them?


NO!  I think we are done.  Talk to you later.


See ya.

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