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Email, Public Sector Unions

Here is an email from a reader in response to my post titled “A Moment Of Clarity”.  As is my standard operating practice, I don’t use their name and remove such info that might lead to id them.



Randy let me first start out that I am a Milwaukee City worker.  My union is AFSCME District Council 48 Local 33 and I work for the Milwaukee City Department of Public Works.  I don’t drink from the union water cooler.  I love my union, however it has been taken over by goons. 


These memos you talk about are in reality union talking points.  We are told time and time again how hard we work, how bad we have, how no one can do our work, how under appreciated we are and most of because we are told this over and over start to believe it.  I think it is called the water drip method.  Many because of this over and over propaganda form a resentment towards our job and the public we serve.  So our truth is just what we make it to be.


I am sorry you lost friends and your “friend” that put your friendship on hold isn’t a friend at all and you really need to see that and accept it.  They don’t appreciate or deserve your friendship.


I have followed your blog for years and you for the most part are right on.  You say the things that others only wish they could say.


I want to give you a valuable piece of advice, don’t stop doing what you do!  Don’t back down, don’t compromise your values.  You are NOT a fool and you most certainly don’t look foolish.


Those union workers complaining are the biggest crybabies I know.  I see them at work all the time.  I know their type.  They spend about an hour griping how bad they have it and how much they hate their job.  The truth is most couldn’t make it in the results orientated private sector world.  I know this to be true.  My wife works in the private sector and a pay freeze would have been great.  Paying the tiny bit we pay for our benies would be awesome.  The no overtime if we don’t want would be dandy.  Most union workers are clock-watchers and only put in the required minimum effort and time.


I did signup for my eft proudly.  I am hoping my union gets rid of the goons and gets good people like me in.


I waited to see those fellow public sector workers who promised you they would send you a rebuttal posts, but they didn’t send them or you would have posted them.  They knew you would blast them out of the sky and they would be left accepting the loss or having to admit they were wrong.


Keep up the great work!


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