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Gov Walker and The Republicans Are Working On Jobs And Facts Prove It!!!

Scott Walker, Wisconsin, Liberals

We have many of the liberals in Wisconsin stating the Governor Walker isn’t doing enough about jobs.


These are the very ones who suffer from WDS “Walker Derangement Syndrome”.


The jobs numbers are out!!! The jobs numbers are out!!! The jobs numbers are out!!!


Nationally we added 18,000 jobs in June and in Wisconsin we added 12,900 of those 18,000 jobs!!!!


Think about that national 18,000 and 12,900 of them are in Wisconsin.


That is 71.6% of the jobs added are in Wisconsin or without Wisconsin, 5,100 jobs (28.4% ) from the other 49 states (other 56 states if you are Obama or an Obama supporter)


Now the left and those suffering from WDS want to spin it and say, “Well they are temp jobs or seasonal jobs!”


That might be part of them, however, it is what it is and seasonal and temp jobs workers are happening all across are nation.  Wisconsin isn’t in a vacuum and all alone, we are dealing with the same issues as Minnesota, Illinois and all the rest of the states.  It is HOW is Wisconsin dealing with them that is important!


“But Randy, many of those jobs are for festivals!”


Oh, they don’t have festivals let’s say in Michigan?  Because I have pictures that say otherwise!


The left and those inflicted with WDS cannot give Walker and the Republicans the rightful dues, because it would mean they were wrong.  In a year, Walker’s poll numbers will be high and people will be saying he did the right things to right the ship (state).


Those on the left and those suffering from WDS, will still be in denial! 


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