CHS Cross-Country Alumni Completes Tough-Mudder Race

On Saturday, July 23, 2011 my son completed the "Tough Mudder" run in Devil's Head Resort in Merrimac, WI. This athletic event is modeled after British Special Forces Training. The event includes a 10-mile run and 24 military-style obstacles.

Q: What made you want to run this course?

A: One of my friends told me about it. I looked online and thought it would be a good challenge. The obstacle which most alarmed me was "Electroshock Therapy" which involves running through hanging wires with 10,000 volts running through it. I thought it would be a great experience.

Q: Which obstacle was the hardest?

A: The hardest obstacle was the one where you climb over water on monkey bars. It requires a lot of upper-body strength.

Q: Tell me about the under-water tunnel, that sounds really scary.

A: The under-water tunnels take place after you jump off a 50-foot high plank into the water. You have to swim about 30 yards underneath water and come up for air, then you swim through an underwater pipe.

Q: Were there a lot of people there?

A: Yes, The event was held in waves of about 500 people each starting in the morning and continuing through the afternoon. There was about 10,000 people there including spectators.

Q: Were a lot of military people there?

A: Yes, they were a lot of people from all over the mid-west and a lot of military personnel.

Q: What was hardest part?

A: Running up four ski hills. It was harder than running up snake hill or pumphouse hill. It was as steep as running up pumphouse hill but four times longer. The hardest obstacle was where you had to carry a log through the water and keep it dry. That was really hard.

Q: What was best part?

A: Camaraderie, team-building with the other tough mudders. It would be almost impossible to complete this course individually. You get help from your teammates. For example, a person can't climb a smooth 12-foot wall by himself. You get help from the other people.  

Q: Are you going to do it again next year?

A: Yeah! Definitely. The next one in Wisconsin is in Oct. 2012 and I definitely plan on doing it.

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