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A Day Camp Surprise


My five year old daughter is attending day camp for the summer.  It has a mix of sports, values, fun, crafts, and religion.


A few weeks ago, my daughter made Jesus’ Eye of the Needle.  It turned out wonderful.


A week later she came home with a bead and string version of a person.  When I asked her about it, she turned to me and said, “We were told to make what we thought God would look like if she came down from Heaven.”


I said back to her, “I think he looks awesome!”


She looked at me with a scowl on her face and said, “I said God is a she!  Didn’t we hear in church that God could be a man or woman and I think God would pick a woman!”


I smiled and said to her, “You are most certainly correct and are a very good listener in church.”


She said back to me, “My camp counselor told me that all of the other forty kids made God a man and I was the only one to make God a woman.  I then told him, don’t you listen in church that God can be whatever she wants.”


The next day picking up my daughter from camp, the camp counselor did come up to me and told me exactly what my daughter said he said, to which I told him she listens very well and picks up the smallest detail.


The camp counselor was very happy with my daughter and told me that it is kids like her that brighten his day and I should be very proud of her.


I told him that I am and everyday thank God for the special gift.


The camp counselor did ask me if it was true that her brother is in Heaven or was she telling a story.


I told him, “No her brother, Ryan, is in Heaven and we visit his grave often and she understand things of that nature better than other children her age.”


My five year old daughter never fails to surprise me and she brightens my day every day!!!

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