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Just How Low Can AFSCME Go?

Liberals, Public Sector Unions, Protest, Wisconsin, Scott Walker, AFSCME

I was told AFSCME wasn’t one of those public unions protesting.  Sure they weren’t!


I was told AFSCME was the one good public sector union.  Sure they are!  This from a friend whose wife is an AFSCME member and they consider themselves Conservative Republicans.


Just how low can AFSCME go?


How does one explain this?

I know how they will explain it – “Scott Walker made them do it” and a few others will say, “AFSCME may be my union, but they don’t represent me!” 


Wrong, Scott Walker is not making them do it and if they are your union, they do represent you.


Oh yeah, and AFSCME sure has been in Madison protesting!  They are not one of the good public unions, not by far!

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